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  • A must for antibiotics!

    posted by Zzazze

    It won't open by accident, it's easy to use and it remembers the setting (so that to set it for your next pill you only have to use the 'c' button). It's nice looking and it feels nice to the touch. The beeps are noticeable, but not annoying. It'll go "beep-beep, beep-beep" 10 minutes before it's time (4 beeps), it'll beep 8 times when it's 5 minutes before the time, and it'll beep constantly at beep time (until you press 'c' or turn it off. It has a switch inside to turn it off completely when you're not using it. It's big enough for a lot of pills. It's small enough to be in a purse, drawer, backpack or nightstand, but big enough that you will not spend too much time looking for it in your purse.
    It works by countdown; 'a' and 'b' set how many hours and minutes will be counted down. 'c' can pause the countdown if held for 3 seconds, or restart the coundown if it's just ended. a + b pressed at the same time will reset the settings. I had always had trouble keeping up with 8 hour antibiotic treatments, so when I saw this I knew it was for me. Sadly I've gotten sick, so I'm taking antibiotics right now, and I haven't missed a single one thanks to this little thing.
    It takes out some of the stress of being ill. I may order more to use as gifts. If you saw this product and thought maybe it'll be nice to have it when you need it, then the answer is yes, it will.
  • Nice Product

    posted by jeroselino

    Great quality.
    Pieces are great and made of real wood.
    The case is very practical and the parts are well protected.
    Not very cheap, but it's still a good buy.
    I bought as a gift to my youngest son who became interested in playing chess lately. Here in Brazil you can buy one of that size for that same price, but with pieces made ??of plastic.
    My son loved it!
  • funny and stylish, does not fit all paper holders

    posted by m2kool4u

    Love it! This is a funny and stylish gadget . But be careful, it does not fit all paper holders. Colours are nice and really resemble the kodak film cans. multiple ways to use, as you can attach to the wall or leave it standing someplace with the toilette paper inside.
    nope, no other thoughts
    great stylish gadget!
  • Strong and Protective

    posted by omaki

    It is very strong. Internally has soft protective foam, which absorb some impact. Very tight closure. Fits one 3.5 standard HDD or two/four 2.5 HDD. Very strong build. I've bought two. One to an 3.5 HDD, and another to some 2.5 HDDs. Now I can carry it around, with a little more protection.
    Well, it is protective, indeed.
    If you carry HDDs, buy it. Fits one 3.5 HDD or up to four 2.5 HDDs.
  • Chess game

    posted by vallemarc

    We are very happy with this game of chess, it is small, lightweight, fits in Quaker place. It's quite fun, for those who like to play!The pieces are small and beautiful, and the box keeps the contents!Quarquer can take place in the game and start a game and very fun.
    It's pretty cool, was looking forward to the arrival!I love chess, then, those who want fun without spending too much, this is the solution!
    I wanted to buy here in Brazil, but was a little expensive!I remembered the DX and found what he wanted, a chess cheap.

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