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  • Nice

    posted by bws89

    its cheap, it works, looks nice! and easy charging. the build quality is OK, not super good but OK.plus you can use the original Sony software to enable photo slideshow when you dock your phone with this.
    its very handy for charging youre phone.
    This is a must buy, if you have a Sony Xperia Z, you can use this to charge your phone and still have it water proof! no more opening that annoying little pieces to charge youre phone!
  • sturdy, good value for the price

    posted by eltonw

    The velcro fastener is much more reliable than that of a similar product (different manufacturer) that I purchased last year.The case is ample, and large enough to entirely contain my Sony Xperia while the phone is *still*in it's protective hard case, and with a wrist-strap still attached. With such capacity the larger Samsung and LG phones should easily fit.The materials are solid and durable, and the armband contains a tiny pocket in which you might store your keys.Besides the large slit for inserting the phone, there are two pass-through holes for your headset, located on the same side (top and bottom _right_).
    The part where you pass the velcro strip through to fasten is rather rigid, but this attests to the solid construction and quality of the material.Notwithstanding, I am able to _find the 'right sport'_and press the sleep switch on my phone when it is *inside its own solid case*, and the entire thing inside the pouch.
    I was a bit surprised at the size of the pouch since the description says it is for the Sony Xperia line (these phones are easily 'swallowed up' in the pouch!It would be definitely a good fit for larger phones such as Samsung, LG and other 'phablets' (phone/tablet)DX also has the same product in blue, so there is a choice of colour (AFAIK)
  • Excellent quality, perfect fit, good battery duration

    posted by glosada

    The quality of the product is up to par with what you would expect. It has an excellent finish, perfect fit for the phone, and very easy to use information. It has an excellent finish, very pleasant to have at hand.
    Just put it when you are in need for extra juice on your phone, and take it out when its charged again
    THis is an excellent option for when you need extra juice in your phone. Just put it when you are in need for extra juice on your phone, and take it out when its charged again
  • Cheap and durable solution to protect the screen

    posted by stunt101

    - Good quality glass- easy to install, it comes with many accessories for easy installation
    only one side of the glass (the side which will eventually touch the display) has a protective removable film that you take off prior to installing the glass. would've been great if the other side came with a protective film that could be remove afterwards.
    its a deal, if you can install it yourself. better than paying someone to do it at mobile stores.
  • It clicks and connects

    posted by Eridanos

    The connector is a standard usb plug that hooks up to nearly anything these days. The other side is a two pin and a magnet connector that looks rather bulky, but identical from what I have seen on internet. The magnet clicks properly to the Sony Z2 I have, though it was sold for the Sony Z1.The advantage of using this cable over the micro usb is that it prevents the constantly opening of the water proof door on the side of the smartphone and therefore reducing the wear on the seal.
    The good thing of using this cable is that finally my colleagues will leave it alone. They constantly ‘borrow’ my other cables and I have to get them back myself. But this one will not work with their phones so that solves that issue too.
    It is a cable, still waiting for wireless charging!!

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