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xm-l zooming flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Very good and cheap flashlight

    posted by A7773

    Made of aluminum so it's lightweight but still sturdy enough. Uses 18650's, and I have many of them. Power button glows in dark.
    I'm using it every day and I love it after my 150lm flashlight with zoom. I don't know is it really 900lm but still it is bright enough for me.
    Nice and cheap flashlight! I would recommend to buy this. It is so cheap that you can just buy it and try it, you don't lose much if you don't like it.
  • Good product but...

    posted by Mizar223

    -It is a good solid built flashlight, with good materials.-It comes with one battery.-It comes with charger.-In case you are buying it for someone else, it comes in a nice box where you can store all the things and wrap it in a nice paper for a gift.
    -Although I don't find it a con, in my opinion the short distance zoom is yet too squared. But I have to admit that this is not a problem in a fact.
    -It is a good product for its quality and I would not hesitate to buy it again maybe for a gift. But if you are looking for a superb zooming flahlight, I think that this should not be your choice.
  • Excellent very bright Flashlight

    posted by uros13

    Building quality of this product is really good. Metal body (think aluminium).Easy to disassemble and assemble again.on/off button work perfect.BEAM is very very strong (do not look directly) Splash resistant for sure, I test it (heavy rain on bicycle).My mainly usage is like bicycle light, underground activities, hiking and camping.Sleeve is strong good material its look like I will use it for a long time.Charger is ok but can be better quality, for now work fine.
    When you holding on/off button, its behave like potentiometer and you can adjust brightness of the flashlight that you wish. Battery that coming with flashlight is ok, but diference is visible when I put 3800mAh battery instead 2200mAh (work fine and with 2200mAh).
    In short word:- strong beam- good build quality - good material - sleeve good look and good quality- advice buy reserve 18650 battery (least 3800MAh)
  • Great wide-to-medium spot

    posted by balazer

    It's compact and well made, and quite bright. The optic is most efficient at the wide end of the zoom range, so it does well to cast a wide or medium spot, but it's not super bright when making a tight spot compared to a long-throw flashlight with a fixed optic. The beam is very uniform and nearly circular at the wide setting, and turns into an image of the LED die at the narrow setting, which is square with some lines and notches. Zoom out just a bit from the narrow setting to get a more uniform and larger spot. The zoom mechanism is smooth and easy to use. The wide setting has a beam about 60 degrees wide. The three brightness settings are well distributed and useful.
    The light gets very warm on the high setting, so you know it's using a lot of power. I used SKU 121447 (protected Sanyo 18650 cells), and they are just fine. The light has o-rings, but no seal on the optic. It will probably be fine in the rain, but I wouldn't submerge it in water.
    It's really a nice, well-made light. This should be a great bicycle or walking light.
  • Small Sun - well deserved

    posted by cadocado

    Incredible amount of light. This will win the 'who's got the biggest' competition for a while. If your eyes are used to normal daylight, and you shine this baby into a darkened corner, you don't need to adjust - it is as bright as sunlight.I am fairly certain it is waterproof.
    It is so airtight that the zoom is sucked backwards because of air pressure. No kidding. It stays in place when I unscrew a cap, but with everything screwed on, the air pressure pushes the zoom back where it came from. This thing is airtight.
    I like. This is the ultimate flashlight for the time being.

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