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  • Lots of light for little cost

    posted by drewbie57

    - Huge lumens for the price. - Very light- Build quality is fair for the price- Does not get overly hot on highest setting (used up to 20 minutes)
    - None
    - The best flashlight I've ever had for the price. It's hot spot is brighter than the Ultrafire TH-60 and it's half the price. - I would highly recommend getting these for stocking stuffers or giving to your staff or having extras around to give away.
  • nice heavy bright light - 1st impression

    posted by twenty9

    brighter than my Eastward XJ XML-T6 SKU: 50513 which is rated 900 lumensspot is brighter, twice as big and just more light at the wall in ~80m distance+ massive undestructable feel + thick 5mm glass lens+ double O Rings , greased threads+ very good build quality ( got also a SKU 57005 and that one is really crap ... that's the 15$ difference )+ came with strap+ 360° ring switch - works both directons... MAX <- OFF -> STROBE -> MIN -> MID -> MAX -> OFF ... + tripod mount is very useful - tried my pocket camera tripod - works perfect
    after 10 min on high at 23°C outside the lamp is getting warm ... not hot only one marker at the selection ring - a second marking at the opposite site of the mode dial would be goodmine came minimal cratched - usually no problem because this is a tool :) but the scratch is right above the warning sign and I can't read the minutes recommended for not underwater usage - so if anybody could tell me ... only unscrued the battery tube and the lens ring. The reflector sits thight in the head - thats as far as I will go for now - therefore I had no look at the circuit and the switch mechanism. I will dissassemble further after the first love with this light is gone and tinker with with the switch modes - I don't like the flash in first position strobe is alternating - 2 sec very fast - 2 sec fast strobe - 2 sec very fast - and so on
    bought this because of the tripod mount, the nice look and I wanted to try the rotation ring switch first impression is very good
  • Slick and smooth but not compact.

    posted by OCHAR

    I should also say that I do not think it has any other modes Just OFF -Pause - ON. (No High/Low/Strobe etc). For me that is a good thing.Light:The light is very bright and white (compared to other LED's I have). Brighter actually than any flashlights I have. That is good. The light is a "flood light" so I am not too sure on how far (distance) the light reaches. What I do miss is the ability to focus the light from FLOOD to SPOT like sku.39585 .That said, this light will Instantly (after a pause) fill a room with light.Shape / Size:I like the "fluted" end by the lens better than that of sku.39585 .
    Conclusion:If I had to go on a 6 month world tour, would this be the light to bring?? NO.I would bring sku.39585 because of it's size, pocket clip, zoom ability and decent brightness. If you are in the market for your first light, I would recommend sku.39585 not only for the advantages mentioned above but also the decent price.Hope this helps.Thanks.
    If you are in the market for your first light, I would recommend sku.39585 not only for the advantages mentioned above but also the decent price.
  • Bright light in small package

    posted by Atomlite

    A very bright searchlight in a small package. Solid and well constructed and come packed in a nice box with extra O ring and landyard. Has the feel of a solid and compact light. The 5 leds give a smooth big hotspot with good side spill and shines between flood and throw. Nice white light and shines brighter than a standard car headlight. Gets very warm but not hot after prolong use. Can work with 1 to 4 18650 battery but recommended to use 4 for the extra juice. Switch from high, mid to off. To get to strobe press switch longer in any mode position and quick press again to return back to previous mode. This is desirable as it gives quick access to strobe when needed. The switch is easy to activate even with glove on. To prevent accidental turn-on loosen the body a little for a lock-out mode.
    This beauty at $40 is cheaper than many other lights of similar design. Get it if you want a compact bright light for general use.
    Good value for money. Highly recomended to get this light.
  • Powerfull & Compact - Great emergency torch

    posted by lazblack

    One of the few lights with a higher than rated light output level Great spill, Very stable when Tail Standing Tail Standing > Low mode easily provides enough light for general useTail Standing > High mode provides enough light in a fair sized room (5m x 5m aka 15' x 15') to read in any part of the room! (White roof)\Easy to explain to an elderly relative on how to use as the "strobe" mode only comes on if the power button is held downBattery life on low exceeds 4 hours with 4 cells (Trustfire 18650 2400 mAH protected)No parasitic current drain on stand-by (torch not active)
    Perfect emergency torch to keep in the cupboard, the Li ion batteries retain charge very well for over a year, just remember to charge them annually and your set for emergencies
    This is a great multi-purpose torch, excellent tail stand stability - long run time.


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