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xm-l t6 Customers Reviews

  • Not 10w but well built.

    posted by HighBeamIT

    Well built, nice and solid, sturdy case.Works from 5v up to 32v, could not test higher voltage. Nice bright, white, light.Good mounting hardware, and connectors, good cable
    The light gets a bit warm in use, but not too bad.Good feature that they can be connected to a stack of several lights as a ramp.
    Good value for money !Will buy more of these for sureHave to look for a version with wide beam also.
  • Yes, I got my money's worth

    posted by MongooseKM

    Beam Angle is adjustable and appropriate for close in work. Beam spread is suitable for illuminating work area instead of distant spot. Low intensity setting will be adequate for most projects. Beam intensity is sufficient, even if it's 1200 lumens
    Instructions: Charge until green lamp. Mount lamp to curve in platform, route rubber piece along circle between post under lens and post to rear, tab end to rear Lamp becomes adjustable. Power to lamp is 7.4VDC. Route cable under strap to fall behind you.Think safety. Unit is bright enough to hurt others.
    Spare battery unit can be built with DealExtreme parts 100997,105084,5790,163563. Each holder is in series, Solder outputs of holders to function in parallel. Test for about 7.4VDC. Observe polarity.Recommendation: Offer to sell an optional spare battery unit.
  • Worth a peek

    posted by mrmts

    Small package for an 18650 flashlight. Slim profile means it slides easily in and out of pockets. Doesn't get hung up on clothing. The clip has just the right amount of tension to it; however, it pops off the tube fairly easily. The threads are pretty good - smooth and clean. The tailswitch is just right for my preference - not too much pressure to change modes but won't change with a light press - good. The memory works. It can tail-stand!
    not much to add here
    Not bright, clips pops off, poor seals, poor quality [VS.] small size, good switch, slim profile, oh and it tailstands.Keep looking, for $20 there are far better lights out there.
  • Very powerful flashlight

    posted by jon777

    Decent build quality. Finish is a little rough but solidly built.Wide and deep smooth reflector throws a large hotspot very far. Takes a 26650 battery which has a large capacity.
    Very happy with this purchase as it's my brightest and furthest throwing flashlight and I have quite a few XM-L lights.
    Definitely pick one up before it's discontinued, changed or the price goes up.
  • Very good light, same than my 501b 800lm

    posted by Dud4s

    - Fits my head pperfectly, battaries in the back help to stabilize the flashlight in place; - Perfect for night hiking, cycling, hunting, working or just to walk around my farm taking care and feeding my animals in the days i come later from work.- The lo mode is very usefull to those moments when you don't need to much light and that way you can save battery!
    - Needed something to take feed may farm animals during the night, bought this and now i-m using it in almost everything!
    Very good flashlight, Zoom is also a pro, the best for this price!

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