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xm-l t6 memory Customers Reviews

  • Great cost/benefit

    posted by sscss

    Top usefulness and affordable at the same time.A "must have" in your car for every emergency at night, it gives you a wide range of focusing.The 5 mode memory is perfect for using on a bike, flashing or as a beam, plenty of light to show you the way.
    You cannot deserve much more for such a price. I'm very happy with my new flashlight.
    It is worth every penny you spend on it. Great cost/benefit relation.
  • Extremely, Insanely, Bright

    posted by Bikedawg

    Maybe the brightest light you can get for the price. Comes with a belt holder, and you can use 2 or 3 18650s (I didn't notice a difference in brightness, both were blinding). It comes with plastic sleeves so the 18650s do not rattle around, and extra O-rings. Quite a wide flood angle (probably around 30 degrees). Well manufactured (no burrs on the threads, good tight fit for the components).
    I bought this light as a replacement for a trail tech 30W HID lamp that is on it's way out. Since the HID lamp is dying (cuts out during a ride after it heats up and draws too much current) and the replacement cost is $75 for a lamp, I thought this cheaper option was worth trying. The HID is 1800 lumens. This light claims to be 6000 lumens (the flashlight has 8000 lumens printed on it), and I believe it delivers 6000 lumens. I compared it side by side with my trail tech light, and it blew it away. It was so much brighter, that I won't need to go higher than the "low" mode on a ride. With 3 18650s this light is almost 12 inches long, 2 18650s drops that to about 9.5 inches. I plan to experiment so that I can hook it up to an external LiPo pack.
    If you want a lot of light at a cheap price, this will give you it. Too bright for a "around the house" light, but if you camp, or enjoy night hiking or riding, this will give you plenty of light.
  • Powerfull flashlight for professional use.

    posted by lasermanathome

    Gi9ves much light but you have to find batteries with low inner resistance and a shutoff above 6 amps.Throw is good , spill is very useable.Nice not too heavey big flashlight wich can be used as a weapon (to hit a criminal)The throw is a bit smaller than the Fandyfire but the total amount of light is bigger.It does not overheat, can be yused with 24650 and 18650 batteries (2 or 3 ) but use it with 3 batteries, otherwise it does not power up enough.
    This flashlight produces its lightpower easily, no heat, no troubles, and is in my opinion easies to handle than the fandyfire.Because the T6 run at about half power, the life of the leds must be almost infinite.
    Is it expensive : YES Is it big, YESIs there a flashlight wich overclasses this one at all point, I think NOT.This one and the fandyfire are compaiable in several ways but this one will work after 10 years
  • Nice !

    posted by Dogboy88k

    2 cell types (Primary Alkalines or provided Lithium 32650), 3 ways to charge (AC, 12VDC, USB), 2 sizes (with or without extension tube).What more could you want ?When considering the price, compared to other DX flashlights, you should factor in the included 32650 (SKU: 103936) worth US$22.30, the quite nice aluminium (I think) gift / carry case and the inbuilt charger, obviating the need to buy a dedicated charger.
    Not much discount for buying 3 or more.This would make a lovely Xmas gift.
    Quality item. Quality price.One torch to rule them all.You know you want it.Expensive compared to DX torches.Cheap compared to brand name offerings.
  • Good EDC flashlight

    posted by ThunderVG

    + Compact size+ Bright+ Durable! Large buttress thread everywhere, thick O-rings of good quality (lubricated!)?
    Does anyone know, why the flashlights always has blinking mode? I've never used it, and I never saw anyone to use.
    I am very satisfied with this flashlight!


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