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xm-l t6 lumen Customers Reviews

  • The best flashlight for night cycling (WF504B)

    posted by Avengerx

    - Great, white light
    - The beam is well wide, differently from other models like 502B which are narrower
    - You can use the 'low' mode to go around the lit places at night (example on the city), signalling where you are yet saving battery time and not obfuscating others' sight (specially car drivers)
    This flashlight is really great. The price is worth it. I could never find something like that around.
    You should consider buying SKU 53270 grease to avoid desiccation of the rubber ring that seals the inside from water specially for the back cap.
    If I were to buy another of this, I would buy the same. As an -possible- alternative that might have a wider beam (have not tested yet), I would consider buying the AK-T60 XML-T6. Although a bit stronger, if the beam is too wide, it would not get as far as the 504B angle.
  • Good monster

    posted by mek203

    This is the most bright one I have ever had. I have 8 led flash lighters most of them is P7 d, mce M-bin and xml t6. This one is the most brighter than any others. I can use more than 1 and half hours but it was all right even a bit loose of brightness. Good thrower light.
    If this one have a bit wide reflecter, it can be better and If I have both OP and SMO reflecters, then it can be perfect.
    This is much brighter than P7 and a bit brighter than mce-m-bin. If you need just bright led flash lighter with perfect thrower, you need this one.
  • Top Flashlight

    posted by FlashRider

    I own around 15..20 flashlights.
    Romisen makes very good built and solid flashlights.
    I clearly rate them in average higher than eg Trustfire, Ultrafire, SmallSun.
    the higher weight might be due to better buiilt and better heat management.
    The Cons are the price you pay for better quality.
    Personally, I am willing to spend 10-20% more for a tool that I expect to be reliable.
    I make this review since I am astonished that nobody else has done so before. Is this flashlight not bought by other people, because it isn't that cheap as others?
    Giv'em a chance - it's deserving it!
  • Best flashlight on DX

    posted by Superi0r

    Really Hi-Mid-Lo flashlight! No strobe and SOS, finally! It is very hard to find flashlight with this mode arrangement in the market. Compact construction, equal to SpiderFire SSC P7, almost EDC. OP reflector is good - the beam is smooth.
    Hi mode is extremely bright - twice brighter, than SpiderFire SSC P7. The body become very hot after 5 minutes of use. After 15 minutes flashlight is uncomfortable to handle. After 30 minutes the body is untouchable, but LED is still very bright and don't fried. It is a very bad idea to use it on Hi for long time. Hi mode is very good for biking (no overheating problems while moving). I advise to use Mid mode In other cases - still very bright, but doesn't overheat the flashlight. Low is really low, very usefull on close distances.
    Sorry for my bad english
  • Very bright

    posted by gizmo8500

    The flashlight is very bright. I have just received 2 of these, and these are my first XM-L T6 lights. They are far brighter than other CREE lights that I own.3 Modes is great. Its about time DealExtreme offers a light with 3 modes instead of the 5 mode lights where you have to cycle through strobe and SOS which no one ever cares to use. The 3 modes are nice, I mostly use high or low since medium isn't that different from high. In low mode it is slightly dimmer than a cree The casing is well built. There are 2 O-Rings for the battery cap. The front screws off so that you can get to the glass, however it seems that the middle portion may be glued so that it won't screw apart. I saw in another thread for a similar flashlight that this may be done for better thermal transmission to the outer casing.
    The thermal transmission seems good as the flashlight warms up quickly when in high mode. I don't leave it in high very long so i don't know how hot it will get and how well it would last in that mode.
    Great light. From the 2 I bought, both seem equal in brightness and functionality so quality control seems adequate. I recommend it for anyone who likes a good flashlight.

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