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xm-l t6 2 18650

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xm-l t6 2 18650 Customers Reviews

  • Cool flashlight

    posted by TheXaro

    Look, it just feels well, is quite heavy and thus feeling like a very nice flashlight. Works on LED which is very energy friendly and comes with a little strap which is handy else we might drop it. Looks well in black. You are able to open it up quite simply, in three parts.
    I really like the dark color. Might not have bought it if it was in other colors.
    It's one fine watchlight, buy it!
  • Powerful flashlight

    posted by santeri000

    Very powerful flashlight with good battery working time. (using ultrafire 3000 mah PCB-protected batteries) Quality frame. Easy to handle. Great price for this much light. O-rings everywhere so i think that it might last some water.
    If you need big sized and powerful flashlight, buy this.
  • Good flashlight, but maybe 1400 lumens

    posted by JCBIKER

    I bought on July 6 and received it on July 31.I wait only 25 days to receive it in Brazil.Well, unfortunately this flashlight do not have 2200 lumens.Compared with sku.57003 that has only one T6 led, this Fandyfire has a litle bit more throw but almost the same intensity.It is very well built and its components seem to be of good quality.It's light is warm (yellow) - Color Temperature: Warm - 2800 to 3500k. Sku.57003 is white, maybe 6400k.It is heavy to put on the bike, but I made some changes and now I can use it on night rides because it become lighter and smaller.You can see how it became on my photos hear in DX and through: http://imageshack.us/g/7/image006mg.jpg/
    Good product. Very well done.It is a beautiful flaslight.The tube (which stores two batteries) is thick and the switch (both) makes the flashlight even heavier.Good product, but do not mistake yourself, it has not 2200 lumens, maybe 1400.
    Good product, but heavy, warm light and maybe 1400lumens.
  • Really good quality/price

    posted by GuikGuik

    Excellent product !This flashlight is a really really good alternative to the famous magicShine (that I also buy few years ago)... But the price is not the same !I buy this product to try it on a dive travel in spain : No problem... Even on 40 meters depth !The beam is narrow, so the light is extremely bright as you can see on my picture.Back to France, I tried it on 55 meters ! Still works...So I decide to order 3 more !
    Dont forget to buy battery (SKU : 91268), charger (SKU : 6105), and plug adaptater (SKU : 290024) because those equipement are not include with the flashlight.And don't forget to buy GREASE !
    Many friends of mine, who so it on diving ask me how and where to buy this product... Even if they use GreenForce or Bersub diving product !Try It ! For this price you will be seduce...
  • Good Light - Bad Battery

    posted by peterhop

    Pros:Very bright light, the 4 modes are useful. The design of the case is eye catching. The unit I purchased is mounted on my bike helmet. To achive this I had to mnufacture an adaptor plate to accept the lights existing mounting bracket. Over all a good product, with one exception, covered below.
    Other:Good & useful light, if the battery would last as per claimed specifications.
    Bottomline:Buy but check the battery quality.

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