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xm-l flashlight Customers Reviews

  • More nice than powerful

    posted by MarcoRanzani

    Very nice shape and colour (dark grey), the handle is bigger and more comfortable than you can see from the images. That's better for your hands. This flashlight doesn't become hot like similar models. The threads don't screech while screw and unscrewing the head.The switch is very convenient, but the three levels are actually 2, since there is no difference between the low and the middle mode. All the body seems very rugged and solid. It has 2 o-rings with some silicon — no spare is provided.
    Why DX doesn't sell these wonderful items from the European warehouse (just closed?).
    I paid 20 euros to Italian customs because the value was underestimated by the sender.Three LEDs models: more light, more heat, less money. This model: quite bigger, 'cooler', nicer than the other "cans".
  • Very bright!

    posted by bear123

    - beautiful finish - 2500lm+ for sure- great flood- smooth reflector with no rings in the light- 6x 18650 = long run time- variable brightness- battery indicator LED- IPX8 waterproof - the wall of light this creates still travels 150 meters for a flooder lol, just barely but it does
    - Comparing this to the new Skyray King with the XMLU2 emitters the L3 is brighter so I would believe that it is at least 2500lm+. The thing is this is not as much of thrower. The Skyray King has a slightly tighter hot spot. So they both make it out to the 150 meter mark but the L3 is less bright at that range. However flooding an area right in front of you the L3 fills well. In ceiling bounce tests the L3 was about 10% brighter than the Skyray King. Both of those flashlights tail stand well and create more light than my standard living room lamps in that configuration LOL. Bright flashlights!
    It's a great looking flashlight with cool features. If the driver was executed better it could easily be in my top 5 flashlights. I am not disappointed in owning this flashlight since there is nothing else with this cool interface!
  • best chice for longer runtime / some quality issues

    posted by meduren

    the larger 26650 battery give a lot more run time than the 18650 models and the lower internal resistance handles the current better with less waste as heat. Speaking of heat, the added mass of the larger size keeps it cool even after long sessions on hi. (hard to tell from a photo but it is roughly double the mass of the average 18650) Everything you need is in a well made heavy card stock box with a magnetic flap on the top.
    Once repaired it's use as an emergency light it would be great due to the long run time and the fact the cap not be removed to charge it often.
    For the price it's a great match set after it's fixed.
  • Great flashlight for all kinds of divings

    posted by albaladejo

    - Well build, Robust and handy flashlight.- Tail cap comes with a generous hole which allows you to use different thicknesses of line for tying in a bolt snap.- Battery lasts for over an hour.- Supports up to 65 meters deep. checked.
    Tail-cap has 2 rings, while the other end has just one (the other ring is just for friction for the switch). Seeing as this part isn't unscrewed as much, I guess it'll suffice, though I guess 2 would've been better, though there is an extra groove in it. I may just add one later on
    Great flashlight for all kinds of divings, buy it
  • Could be much better.

    posted by WolfY63

    I have 2 SKU: 29069 Diving Cree SSC-P7-C-SXO 3-Mode 900-Lumen LED Flashlight Kit that I liked, but needed 2 hands to handle, in order to switch the light on. As I saw this one I ordered it direct. The dimmer/ slide switch is better for divers. Also a more slim and smaller diameter design is plus. Light image is good with very bright center and good outer aura.
    Today I wanted to put fresh charged batteries inside but it stopped working. As I closed the back cap just before the end of screwing it to bottom, the light gives a short flash although the slide switch is off. Switching the dimmer on giving no results and the flash light is dead. It looks like there is some hidden electronics in the cap that might be bad. Will wright this to DX service and see what happens. Unfortunately I bought in 14 months ago.
    Very good light when works. Worth the money.

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