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xm-l 900lm Customers Reviews

  • Great for my night rides through the park

    posted by Superzotnz

    Great light, fits good to helmet, not too heavy.
    It's great for New Zealand's winter nights. I use this light on my helmet, to supplement the light on the handlebars. Means that wherever my eyes go, the light goes, so especially good at warning traffic coming to the side of me. But this light comes into it's own when I go riding in the park at night, great!
    Good value!
  • Fantastic Product!

    posted by yogibear2099

    Lights up the whole place like a mini-sun!Very light and compact, battery compartment together with torch, no wires to obstruct your work. Requires 1 battery as well! Used it during a black out, lighted the whole house easily. The battery consumption is not very heavy as well. Went out to a night fishing session, worked like a charm! Easily see objects within 200-300 meters.
    Cost is much lower than others and pack more light!
    Very satisfied with product, a recommended buy! For this price, its a very good product for every activity in the dark.
  • very powerful and easy to use

    posted by DIVER02

    This UltraFire CR-7 Cree XM-L T6 900lm 5-Mode White Diving Flashlight - Black (1 x 26650) is very powerful Flashlight! I used it for a night dive in Egypt and the result is amazing. A very powerful white beam in the sea to see everthing that is around you! I am very happy with this product and a friend also. the 5 light mode are useful because you can choose the power of the light beam, and in case of emergency you can use the strobe or SOS mode.
    I use the flashlight with 5000mah battery and the result is very good,
    I recommend this product, a friend will buy it soon!
  • Best value for money in category

    posted by Okoloiduci

    Great price (cca 21 euro) for bike light of such properties. Body of reflector is made from fine machined, anodized aluminium. Reflector is as well high polished aluminium, protective glass is sealed with silicone GITD "o" ring. Reflector appear waterproof, over all, high quality product. Cables is enough mechanically sturdy.
    Very good value for money. Light output is comparable with single car H7 headlight with slightly weathered protective glass (plastic), what is more than enough for bike.
    Strobe mode is hidden, but accesibile - very good feature! Consumption from akupack(considering deviations caused by resistance of multimeter and probes) is: HI - 950 mA, MID - 600 mA, LO - 300 mA, STANDBY - 28 mA!!! - so disconect akupack form reflector if in not in use, or during daylight riding.
  • A good light but better value flashlights can be found.

    posted by jjjason

    Exellent flood light. The zoom feature is nice to have, even though I will be leaving it in flood mode 99% of the time. Went on a midnight hike through some very thick bush and the light performed admirably.
    The handle does get warm after a little bit. Not hot, but just warm enough to know that it is working as a heatsink pulling heat away from the LED as it should. The glow-in-the-dark tailcap clicky does not glow for long, maybe only 60 seconds. The handle is quite thin compared to the x2000 style flashlights I have, it is only 2cm in diameter. The brightness is only a little bit brighter than SKU: 113096 I would guess it is only about 25% brighter.
    Disappointed by the plastic reflector. It's a good light overall but there are other XM-L T6 based flashlights that are a better value than this one. Until the price comes down, skip this one and look at other "1000lm" flashlights. (I bought it for a bit over fourteen bucks)

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