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xm-l 2 Customers Reviews

  • Brighter than some new car headlights.

    posted by larsman

    It lights up thing clearly and brightly at 100 yards, and throws a good beam over 300 yards. No center hot spot like large, cheap, million+ candlepower lanterns for sale on the Sunday newspaper ads at the big box stores.
    I've never had to test my theory, but the brightness (hopefully) should blind an intruder long enough for you to run out of the house.
    Glad I bought it, and the price is less than the same item on other online sites.
  • Good flashlight, with some bugs. Good for pocket carrying, use for bicycle.

    posted by Rm86

    Good quality aluminium case. Easy-to-use side button. Bright light for small form.?onvenient magnet in a back side.Really water resistant for hard rainCan be used as bike headlight
    After DIY rework can be very good!
    Using this flashlight for 3 months. DIY made: put thermal grease, changed spring to hard one
  • Blind me Betty!

    posted by quoppala

    Been looking all my life for the next best head lamp. This baby has so far been great, hoping it holds out like my other lights have. The head band and front and back that contact the head fits me great. The front and back are molded into a curve for a comfortable, snug, and secure fit so the light doesn't jostle around. The focus/zoom works simply by pulling out the lens piece or pushing it in. Bright! it is nearly as bright as my Romisen that has 6 Cree Q4 LEDS! The XM-L t6 has a decent color that is not too blue. It has a high beam and low and strobe. The low could be a little less bright for working at close quarters. The strobe is useless, as always. I has a nice wide radius while still maintaining a good level of brightness into the distance at the wide angle setting. At the zoomed in setting, the spot is a square, which is fine, but annoying that it is not level. Comes with batteries and charger in a decent box.
    It is better quality than I had expected for 34 buck. I'm usually wary of these 'package deals' that come with battery and charger, but this is exceptional. I may well buy another before they disappear. I don't have enough use to comment on the battery life at this point.
    A good value. Don't hesitate. Git 'em, boy!
  • Nice looking light!

    posted by fmcfmc

    Arrived unblemished, the light looks great. Single mode, Smooth reflector, & no disco or blinky modes. Can be fully dis-assembled - no glued threads, etc.
    Would have been nice to have a more powerful driver, but as it is, it's a bright torch with good run-time. I'd also like to see a forward switch, especially in a single-mode light such as this one.This is a great starter light, or a 'gift light'.
    I'd buy it again. You know you want it.
  • fantastic

    posted by mariarosa

    It is a flashlight with good quality, is ideal if you do not want to spend much money, a very white light illuminates and concentrated
    Would improve food, so put the most high, to illuminate the most
    It is ideal if you want a cheap flashlight with good quality, the whole family can use, is easy to use and very well lit. The build quality is very good. I think it's a flashlight that lasts long. It can also be purchased as gifts.

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