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xbox wireless controller Customers Reviews

  • Very good receiver

    posted by blaffer4

    - Very good, stirdy receiver with high compatibility- Easy installation, that is, as easy as genuine- stable- Recognised as genuine xbox 360 receiver
    The installation should be a breeze, an installation CD is added to the package containting the official Microsoft receiver driver and the software does not see a difference between genuine and this one.One major hickup is the fact that installation under Windows 8 is not simple at all, again, this is due to limited support from Microsoft. You need to manually specify the driver from the list of drivers preloaded with Windows. If you google "Microsoft xbox wireless receiver windows 8 installation" you will get to the Microsoft support site explaining how to do that.
    I've been gaming intensively on this device with a genuine Xbox 360 controller for about a month now, haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary, no freezing, lag or disconnects, overall a vety reliable product
  • Nice Battery Case

    posted by Saenx

    It fits the same as the "original".Very easy to use, you just put your AA batteries and you are ready to play.Works pretty fine with your xbox360 controller.Nice price.
    Would be cool if you sell this item in other colors.Maybe translucent color would look awesome.
    This is an item that you must have, its very common that your battery case will stop functioning after some time of use, its very handy to have a replacement for such a low price.I Bough three for all my xbox360 controllers.
  • Amazing built quality

    posted by mariofazenda

    The build quality it's amazing, even the zipper it's well built and the controller fits perfect inside. It even fits with a sillicon cover on the controller, but not with control freaks on it. The built quality it's really what surprise me most, it's amazing well built.
    It's good not only for carrying arround, but if you wana store your controller safe somewhere, it's great, and won't let dust keep on it. It's really good.
    An amazing buy if you carry arround your console alot !
  • its ok

    posted by alanmx

    Xbox 360 replacement battery case is not a genuine microsoft item but it works fine, good materials and nice finishes I recomend it if you want to use AA rechargable batteries!. No es original pero funciona bien
    Shipping time, It arrives here in Mexico after 5 weeks after shipping, I didnt have customs problems.El tiempo de espera para llegar a mexico fue aproximadamente de 5 semanas (un poco menos). En otras ocasiones he llegado a recibir articulos en un maximo de 3 semanas posteriores a aviso de que fue enviado.
    Original battery case, xbox controller, 360.
  • Looks like Original, Easy to install and use

    posted by rpassarelli

    This product is great.If no one tells you the price, you would think this is a original microsoft product.Even the product tag is similar to original microsoft products!After you configure it, you just hook up and sync it as you do it with your controller in the xbox, the Windows recognizes it in the same time and you are ready to go.Don't worry about the drivers, just install it and go to:- Devices Manager in the Control Painel- Look for a device with a yellow ? in it.- Right click, update driver, go to the list inside your computer and add "Regular xbox controller receiver"- You are ready to go, just sync and play as a regular gamepad.
    For the price.... I use it to play all the emulators, from nes to game cube.Do I need to say anything else?Buy it!
    A great product, an AWESOME price!Sell it to your friends!

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