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It's very convenient for you to find the xbox repair you want at our online shop. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

xbox repair Customers Reviews

  • Very good screws! Hold perfectly, similarity with original the almost full.

    posted by Viktor33317

    Very good screws! Hold perfectly, similarity with original the almost full.
    Now regarding a shortcoming. That inside not the equal surface, doesn't allow to use a usual screw-driver with screws. For me it there was a news, especially, if to consider that the screw-driver was late. Screws very well are made! Helped me under repair my gamepad, and it began a new life!
    Excellent screws, but consider that for them the special screw-driver which is on sale on the same site is necessary!
  • Just like the originals.

    posted by AndreGrana

    Very good material and it fits realy good in both wired and wireless controllers.Don't found a meaning difference between this and the original.The price is very good and it was better because I bought 10.No expert is need to replace, just some careful and good sense.
    I dropped my controller on the floor, and the button became loose, replacing the silicon pad solved my problem. And I made a blind test that resulted in no diference between the original pad and the one bought here in DX.
    Very good to renew your old very used controller.
  • For DIY projects

    posted by Bontz07

    Bought these for DIY projects and these works just great! Seems pretty durable and accurate. Two for that price. Not bad!
    These joysticks contains two potentiometers and a button. I made "joystick board" soldering one of these onto prototype board and now it is always easy to plug a joystick to complicate AVR projects.
    Repair your Xbox controller or use to your own projects!
  • Functional Repair Parts

    posted by Saenx

    They fit the same as the "original".The electronic parts are easy to intall and solder.The joysticks are the same as the "originals", the feel the same too.
    You should sell a bundle that includes this items plus two potentiometers, one screwdriver and solme solder.
    Really great repair parts for your xbox360 controllers.It is very common that your xbox360 controller will malfunction sometime after a lot of use, so its very handy to have this replacement parts so you can fix right away your xbox360 controller and keep playing.
  • Seems to be the real one!

    posted by rafaelsds2

    Excelent build, works perfectly, amazignly cheap. You cant say the difference between the one i removed and the one i welded.
    It's kinda tricky to change this component, because you have to remove the welding of the LT and RT triggers, but it's not to blame the product, it's just details. its perfect! By the way, the left stick (which i changed) is way better than the right stick now.
    The product is excelent. Feels just like the original one, it's very cheap and saved me $50 on a new controller. If you know something about welding (or if you are curious enough to try it), you can save your controller too. I mean, you can blindly buy it!

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