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xbox laser Customers Reviews

  • It works like a charm!

    posted by ENESEL

    -Saved a lot of money instead of paying more than a hundred dollars for the repair, or changing for a new drive. A reasonable price for what seems to be a good lens so far.-No adjustments were necessary for my lens
    Didn't work at first install, I plugged and unplugged all the cables connecting the lens a few times, but it worked after I put back the old lens then the new one again. Gave me a scare, but worked perfectly right after.Perfect if the warranty is void.
    Not as cheaper as I'd wish, but will make you save a lot of money than if you send your xbox to repair service or buy a new console. Hope you don't mind the wait and know how to open your xbox!
  • Great Replacement

    posted by chuponator

    Awesome product, it can revive your dead console with old laser at a very convenient price.it also has the antistatic point to protect the integrity of the chips.
    i am still amazen of the price, it is a very and really cheap item that can help a lot with your gaming life style, This laser can solve the "Unrecognizable Disc" issue with fat and long time running 360s,
    Remove the antistatic protection, adjust the DVD resistance to 3.6 ohms, and assembly it to your 360s laser tray (you can find several youtube how-to videos, and your are ready to go.
  • excellent replacement

    posted by gatomuerto

    my old xbox wasn't reading discs, so the best way to get it like new, was this replacement, is so cheap!! just follow tutorials in youtube to how to install it, is very easy, just keep in mind to take out a little solder before install it.
    can you wait a month not playing? i can't. keep in mind that to arrive to your home could take more than a month, so is a good idea pay the express shipping for the same price of the replacement.
    i can't believe that is so cheap. you will save a lot of money. what are you waiting? go for it.

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