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xbox kinect Customers Reviews

  • Good protection and ventilation

    posted by ninakatia

    I've bougth it to avoid scratches and accumulated dust. This one is transparent and kinda pretty. It serves its funcion, and I'm not so afraid everytime something touches my kinect.
    It have space to cool the device and it fits perfectly. It would be better if they come in black, this color is lightly white and contrasts with the kinect. It seems to be a good material.
    It's really cheap and fits perfectly. It has space to cool. It's a really good product!
  • Very Good Quality

    posted by FpsBelgium

    The duration of the transmission and reception was very short. The package was in good condition and state of the object was nickel. The product price is not high compared to exessivement quality holder Kinect. We can see that it is also very robust and the plastic is of good quality.
    Attachment keeps the Kinect securely over the TV because there are two small "hooks" that cling to the Kinect.
    In addition, the act of putting the Kinect over the televison allows better viewing angle for the Kinect so it detects, for example, better movements with the hand.
  • Worth every penny!

    posted by BlueNZ

    Better designed and quality than I expected for the price.
    Fits TVs 5-11cm thick
    Utilizes a clamp system which applies pressure to the front and back of the TV to hold it in place. You can have this as tight or loose as you want, it uses a bolt with a butterfly nut to hand tighten for ease of install and removal.
    We first spend HEAPS on a OEM TV stand but found it a pain in the arse with VESA screws and needed to sit almost dead centre on the top of the TV and we needed to offset the kinect to use it at an angle so got this. Very pleasantly surprised with it. Get one!
  • Good Kinect protector

    posted by kris301080

    Fits really well Protects from damage Excellent gadget for my Xbox 360
    Protect against children.
    Kinect is looking very nice and . Very cool thing for your xbox 360 Excellent to avoid damage from falling from TV and other things (in my case this is kids :D)
    I recommended this protective case for any xbox 360 user with kids?
    Perfect for protect a kinect against children!
  • Perfect match for my PS3 Eye

    posted by tmihai20

    It fits perfectly on top of my flatscreen LG. It has some soft cushions on the part that touches the TV. I think it would be good for a Kinect, I haven't tested it yet. The PS3 Eye fits nicely and would not fall off easily.
    Putting it together can be a little difficult, it doesn't come with some pictures on how to assemble it. I had to turn it on all sides to figure out how to assemble it, there are some parts that I have not used. It is amazing that these accessories are so hard to find (at least in my home country) or are insanely expensive, when you find it.
    The price is good, the overall package came a little flattened (it is not a problem from DX.com). It will fit even an old type TV. I would love to have some illustrated instructions.

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