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xbox kinect sensor Customers Reviews

  • Amazing quality support for kinect

    posted by ziltoid

    Fits perfect to a 32'' tv setIt has enough stability to support the kinect device for those of us who don't want to attach the support to the tvBuild quality is impressive, not cheap. It's been supporting my kinect for more than a year by now
    Price could be cheaper
    Overall I would buy it again. If your tv won't allow you to easily attach the other kind of supports available or if you don't want your 150usd device to be supported by something cheap you should really consider buying this item.
  • LCD TV + Kinect = This product

    posted by dbigbob

    Will fit almost all LCD TV, low price, It makes me gain 2 feet of kinect space and the sensor doesn't seem to have problem finding me anymore. Kinect sensor is tight in the clip.
    If you don't want to drill holes in your wall to fix your kinect sensor this is the solution.
    I would recommend this product to everyone who has a LCD TV and a Kinect.
  • Better than expected!

    posted by lordvellos

    Really durable and strongnice finishholds your kinect sensor steady and in a very good distance and position so cable and its movement dont get in the way!
    very good, gives a more pro look to your "mounting" makes the room look good, it looks like its original from factory!
    Definetly worth buying!
  • This mounting clip holds Kinect sensor perfectly

    posted by devianforever

    This mounting clip has rubber pieces which help to fix on TV or monitor in very good shape. This mounting clip also allows to fit on monitor with different thickness.Good build quality
    This holder has elements to fix on the holder, so even if your monitor or TV gets shaked then Kinect will be still fixed in this holder
    This device works good for me. As it holds Kinect sensor firmly on my monitor.buy this one if you are looking for device to hold your Kinect sensor
  • Excellent

    posted by sixel

    Keeps away from children, easy to using and not is ugly. Good price, and you gain more distance (thirty centimeters). You can put in television or fix in wall.The equipment stay settled and a good position. You can regulate all time.
    For those with children is excellent. For it is possible to place the kinect at a height greater than the children. There is ugly in the living room or bedroom. if you want to install on the wall is necessary drilling machine.
    Easy to install.

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