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xbox game controller Customers Reviews

  • Definately worth buying

    posted by sesmar11

    Well sized cable, good performance. Have been using it for over two years now. Never encountered any problems. Easy to connect the xbox controller to it. Also works with multiple controllers ofcourse without any problems aswell.
    Overall great product, works great and the signal is good enough for me. Have been playing FIFA on it for over 2 years and now it still works like a charm.
  • Pretty Good

    posted by MtG2k

    Once you get it working, It works SOLID! Charges the Controller and the fit is real nice. Charge Light switches from Red (Charging) to Green (Charged)
    for Windows 7 disable Driver Signing and enable test mode. Then Install the drivers that were written by Masahiko Morii. After that leave driver signing disabled, but you can turn off test mode.
    Great Product, works great (again once you get it set up right) and a great price. Definitely an item to buy if you want to use your xbox 360 controllers on your PC.
  • Real classy looking!!

    posted by simplymatt

    Extremely easy to fit, and looks great! All parts came in a little bag and all fit together very nicely. The shell itself and all parts are of a smooth glossy finish. The triggers run smoothly, all buttons work like they should with no sticking or rubbing. This will definitely make your controller classy.
    Absolutely great other then the few cons with this.
  • Very good reciver. up to 4 controllers

    posted by chikymb

    The PC Wireless Gaming Receiver for Xbox 360 Controller - Black works perfect after you set it up (which can be a little tricky).works in Windows 7 and linux ubuntu as far as I tested.Also works with the Wireless Guitars of guitar Hero for Xbox. so you can play it in the PC
    I like it, I played a lot of games a didn't notice any delay and looks as precise as in the Xbox.
    I'm thinking in buy one for my brother as well.
  • Good

    posted by NiXzu

    Works well and is easy to use.Overall quality is good
    Cheap and great product.Works as intented.Would be awsome product if the drivers would work straight away.
    Works well and is easy to use.Had some issues with the drivers, but after installing the XBOX controller drivers from MS support page issue was solved.

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