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xbox controller silicone

Every single xbox controller silicone displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. black xbox controller, xbox controller green may be more suitable for you. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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xbox controller silicone Customers Reviews

  • Great!

    posted by Zealot

    Protects the controller against dust,sweat and scratches. Fits perfectly in your job and makes the intense gaming
    Reccomended 100%.It fits my expectatives.The material seems very durable. Be careful when applying it to the controller. As with most silicone's, it can only be stretched to a certain point before breaking.
    Buy it if you want, your controller don't scratch, or only to avoid dust in controllers. A must have for those wanting extra protection and grip on their controller. Really nice silicone, one of the best on this site in my opinion.
  • Awesome camouflage and a great protection!

    posted by CaiqueHardy

    Is a good product to make your controller looks more cool.It is good too for people who's the hands sweat more.The camo make the controller looks like new and is good to protect too!The price is very good,because here in Brazil,a Silicone Protective costs R$15,00 while here in DX costs R$5,45Seems to be hard to fit in control,but it was just my impression before buying, now with the product in hands i can see that fits nicely!I am satisfied.The price is awesome compared with the prices here in Brazil!An the quality is good too!A cool and good quality product!
    I am satisfied.The price is awesome compared with the prices here in Brazil!An the quality is good too!
    A cool and good quality product!The price is awesome compared with overprices in Brazil!
  • Better feeling and grip then original surface

    posted by Assasin2015

    This silicon case fits my xbox one controller perfectly. It give much better grip and quality feeling then the original cheao plastic surface of the xbox one controller. So do not hesitate about this.
    It's the best way to protect and keep your controller in good shape.
    It's an improovement over the original controller. I am very happy with the purchase. Recommended.
  • Protection

    posted by lukeluh

    Protect 100% your control, leaving it more elegant.Portuguese:Comprei o mesmo para proteger meu controlador, deixando-o bem mais elegante.
    Great product. Buy, besides protecting, let her control more beautiful.Portuguese:Ótimo produto. Compre-o, além de proteger contra sujeira e riscos, serve como decorativo.
    This product is recommended for all who want beauty and security for its control. construction and great price.Compre!
  • Very good product!

    posted by alderian

    - Great for sweaty hands.- Very comfortable to use.- Easy to put in and out.- Keeps controls clean from dirty hands, specially for kids that usually don't mind about that.- Absorbs some of the impact if the controller fell off to the floor.- Makes the controllers "non-slip".- It won't move from the controller, it fits tight and perfectly.
    The case feels good in your hands, it's soft and durable. If you fit the case onto your controller properly, it'll work great. Take a look at videos posted.Good protection against from scratches, falling damage, liquids, cigarettes and even food.
    It is a very good product. It will keep your controllers clean and 'as new' even if you drop them. Best choice if you have kids

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