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The xbox controller plastic your looking for is one of our top sellers. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. xbox controller covers and xbox controller red are the hottest keywords that customer use. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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xbox controller plastic Customers Reviews

  • Protective Case for Xbox 360 controller

    posted by leeden22

    The product came to me in a transparent package. It was very easy and simple to install onto the Xbox 360 controller. Now, my controller is perfectly protected. The color looks exactly like the photo shown. Feels nice to hold the controller
    The price could have been a bit lower. This is just a simple piece of silicon.
    You may consider buying this if you like dark blue.
  • Great fit and great look

    posted by rvindua

    I picked up the red cover because we have the red wii with black adn red controllers and a black 360, so why not have black and red controllers. my wife got purple.They both slip on nice and snug. You get a really nice grip on it, the controller is not slippery at all. Also, if you have the optional keyboard that clips under the base of the controller, that will also fit while this skin is on. It's very snug but it works. We only have 2 controllers but if we decide to buy two more, we're definitely going to get two more coloured silicone skins from here.
    if there was a bit of a cutaway where the keyboard clips in so it's not as tight then that'd be great.
    add some flair without taking apart and painting your case. just get these skins, you can't go wrong especially at this price.
  • highly recommended for better grip for xbox control

    posted by fedex29

    is very simple to assemble, left with a better grip and prevents perspiration after playing for a long time, it's really comfortable.Also protects the dust control may have on the environment.could also absorb some of the blow in a fall
    nothing special
    Product is recommended to protect the control and give a touch of style giving it a different color, a decorative touch.In cost-benefit ratio is highly recommended
  • Buy it!

    posted by fghirardi

    If your controller Caps are totally wasted, you NEED to buy it! this will make you feel like you have a brand new controller.
    These caps are very important for gaming and they get wasted within 1 year, so its important to change them once in a while. It'll feel like a brand new controller, and also a LOT more comfortable to play. The only problem about this item is that you HAVE TO KNOW how to change it, otherwise don't buy it. Its no big deal opening a Xbox controller, but is that that easy too. Just consider that if you never did it or never seen anybody doing it (actually there may be a lot of videos on the internet teaching how to).
  • Plastic analog cap for Xbox 360

    posted by hdjoenne

    Good and really cheap replacement for your worn out or defect joystick for your Xbox controller. Easy to install, but will need the xbox screwdriver to open the xbox controller.
    Good quality but maybe not as good as the original that came with the Xbox controller. Feels almost just just as good as the original, but maybe that is just how it feels like with completely new joysticks.
    Really good and cheap joystick replacement for your worn out or defect joystick. A really good product that will save you the money from buying a new controller. Just buy, replace and re-use.

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