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xbox controller blue

Purchase the latest xbox controller blue with wonderful pricing At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We recommend xbox controller joystick, xbox controller housing as hot products. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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xbox controller blue Customers Reviews

  • Great cover to protect your controllers casing

    posted by Smapsa

    The silicone is quality stuff. Fits perfectly on the controller and it endures stretching very well, so you don't have to worry about breaking it. The package was done carefully and I found no flaws in the product.
    A great and easy way to give some protection for your controller from dust and stains alike. Very easy to attach and remove, so you can clean the cover under water when needed.
    We all have that friend who eats chips and then asks you to pass the controller? This is the easy way to protect your controller from those greasy hands and dust. Easy to attach and remove, clean, attach again and even give your controller some nice unique looks.
  • ideal for transporting xbox 360 ideal for transporting control xbox 360

    posted by fedex29

    is made ??of soft material inside, which allows control is maintained and protected from any stroke movement.Even comes silicone protector put in control.This material is very good quality, with good stitching, with 2 locks for a better opening and closing.
    Nothing to agree.
    Suitable for transporting the xbox control protecting it on the way to destination, it can also serve to protect you from dust on the house or on the road.
  • Works great for the price!

    posted by Nacho86

    1. The price is great2. You can finally get the grip you need when playing sports or fighting games3. I bought it for a white controller and it looks great!4. Great for protecting your controller against scratches, dust and mild falls
    I've been searching for one of these for a long time, but in my country (Chile) they are sold for at least twice the price, so it's a great save!
    Great purchase at a great price, just be careful not to stretch it too much when installing it
  • good choice

    posted by OttoFix

    Bought this case as a gift brother. Controller began to look like new. In the long run lost the feeling that the controller can slip out of your hands. Good quality and convenience.At first it was hard to put the controller, afraid to break, but it's not a bad thing because the cover should sit tight.
    Excellent choice for those who want to preserve the appearance of the controller.
  • Nice replacement for a worn out/damaged controller casing

    posted by Smapsa

    Undamaged, solid color, all the buttons and replacement plastic parts, blue joysticks and D-pad, only non-blue parts are the ABXY buttons and the guide button. Nice replacement for a damaged/worn out controller casing for your Xbox 360 wireless controller. The battery casing fits perfectly, tight fit.
    I got white, blue and pink casings and mixed them together. Not sure if it was because of that that I had to use Dremel to carve some of the buttons. In detail what I did: the D-pad inner part I had to carve the inner side of the large circle to fit it better and also the square with rounded corners had to be modified, ABXY/start/select buttons some of the little nibs coming out of them had to be carved, and lastly I did some grinding for the sync button to make its diameter smaller. The sync button also has to be glued so that it will work correctly.
    If you're not afraid to do some little modifications for some of the parts, this is for you. Otherwise think carefully, because some of the parts might be too tight to fit without some grinding and carving. All in all, I'm a very pleased customer and very pleased about getting the right colored plastic parts like in the pictures. REAL blue plastic, not a cheap painted white controller, so if you're looking for quality, get it.

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