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The perfect xbox case full here to meet all your needs. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! battery case xbox or protective case xbox contains many hot and popular products. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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xbox case full Customers Reviews

  • Good purchase.

    posted by iLeif

    -good quality, can use my controller for hours with this and hardly tell difference between original case and this.- Looks great.
    If you have a white and booring xbox controller, this can make it look alot better. and if its a really old conrtoller you have getting this will make it seem like its totally new.
    if you are considering wether or not to buy this: BUY IT!

    posted by Beell

    Its great for the price, looks awesome for playing and also is a great way to change all of your control, like buttons and joystick.
    it could be better, but for the price is an amazing deal, i could say a deal EXTREME!! jaja
    awesome for something that you like and also cheap, probably it would be perfect if they adds some screws, because if you lost one of the original control you will be lost .
  • beautiful replacement shel

    posted by jekjek47

    i love the color. wonderful and beautifully built. my package is shipped three days after i placed the order. completed package. all piece are present.
    wonderful replacement case, affordable price . great build, almost as sturdy as the original
    greatly recomended. i'll buy another one, hope they will have yellow.
  • Great Replacement Case

    posted by jfred1979

    I purchased the case. It is Glossy. It is also designed for the HDMI Xbox360 models. My XBOX360 is an earlier model and does not have HDMI. I had to mod the case in order to get my AV pack to plug in. I just took a dremel to it. It does not look that bad and its also in the back so it really is no big deal. I left the Chrome drive cover and eject button. I think it looks better that way. In all i think it is a great case even if it wasnt designed for my 360. I am impressed.
    One thing to note. When screwing in the long case screws just get it to the point that it is tight and stop. I cracked a post over tightening it but it didnt kill the case or anything.
    Some Tips... My case had some scuffs on it out of the box. I used a dry micro fiber cloth and was able to buff them right out.
    The feet have no adhesive on them so I used double stick tape. Regular scotch rolled on itself will work well.
    Bottom line, this is a must if you want to replace your white case with a nice black one to match your other AV equipment. It is a painted case I have not had any issues with chipping. The paint job is excellent.

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