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xbox camouflage Customers Reviews

  • Silicone cover Xbox360

    posted by pippovio

    It fit’s perfectly on the controller. The colours are great and identically to the ones in the picture. It looks really nice on the controller and it is really easy to use. Is a cheap and easy way to protect your gamepad from greasy hands and dust. Grip also improved. I will get more covers for others controllers.
    There's a raised seam around the edge from the moulding process. It's not very noticible when playing, but it gives the thing a bit of an unfinished feel and I keep meaning to use a razor blade to shave it off. My girlfriend complains that the pattern looks like camo, but I disagree.
    We all have that friend who eats chips and then asks you to pass the controller? This is the easy way to protect your controller from those greasy hands and dust. Easy to attach and remove, clean, attach again and even give your controller some nice unique looks.
  • Awesome camouflage and a great protection!

    posted by CaiqueHardy

    Is a good product to make your controller looks more cool.It is good too for people who's the hands sweat more.The camo make the controller looks like new and is good to protect too!The price is very good,because here in Brazil,a Silicone Protective costs R$15,00 while here in DX costs R$5,45Seems to be hard to fit in control,but it was just my impression before buying, now with the product in hands i can see that fits nicely!I am satisfied.The price is awesome compared with the prices here in Brazil!An the quality is good too!A cool and good quality product!
    I am satisfied.The price is awesome compared with the prices here in Brazil!An the quality is good too!
    A cool and good quality product!The price is awesome compared with overprices in Brazil!

    posted by manuelramirez24

    this is a great product i recomend it to anyone its amazing its so comfturbale for me and it can go on any ear i love it its so clear and the volume controls are relly helpful when someones calling around the house
    i love this i have used it for 3 days now its just such a great product to get i would definatly get another one if it brakes
    get this probly the best mic on here for under 5 bucks i love it defently a good one!!
  • Protective Silicone Cover Case for Xbox 360 Controller - Camouflage Blue

    posted by Jenikbarchov

    It was very easy and simple to install onto the Xbox 360 controller. The color looks exactly like the photo shown. Feels nice to hold the controller.Now, my controller is perfectly protected.
    This is just a simple piece of silicone. The price could have been a bit lower. Case are somewhat transparent, so if you put in on etc a black controller, the blue color will be a little more dark.
    The holes for the thumb buttons should be bigger! So the case won't cause any problems when moving the thumb buttons.
  • Nice and useful thing

    posted by murlakatamenka

    The price is rather cheap.Case is easy to use. It protects your gamepad from dust, scratches, robably for someone - from sweat. Case makes pad stylish and nice looking, you will like it. And case also helps to hold and control gamepad better.
    Ordered several cases and? unfortunately, got one case with evident defects (you may see it on image). I hope it will be changed.
    Nice value for money thing. If you like your gamepad, it would be a good present to it. I may recommend this case to buy.

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