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xbox cables adapters Customers Reviews

  • Adapter Transfer Cable for Xbox 360 Slim

    posted by Corbzy

    This product is for any whom still have the old Xbox 360 Fat power cable and need a quick fix to be able to use it with a Slim Xbox 360. This product is very Sturdy And Quick Plug and Play.No messing Around.Cable is made with great hardened plastic
    Fast delivery Great Quality easy of use. Get it if you need it
    Cheap and Effective. Saves time and money will most likely recomend it to all i know who needs this kind of solution
  • No nonsense replacement X360 breakaway cable

    posted by xavdeman

    -provides replacement for the part of the cable that sits between the XBOX 360 and the beginning of the real cable, meant so that when you pull the controller the cable disconnects and prevents the 360 from being pulled off your desk or furniture.-works exactly the same as the one that comes with your official XBOX360 controller, fully compatible.-cheap!-cheaper than buying a new XBOX 360 Wired Controller because you lost the tiny cable at the end of the wire.
    Buy one when you lost your original cable, this one is as good as the original.
    Product is perfect for price, and VERY useful, very hard to find in other retail stores.
  • Works

    posted by ChrisLarsen

    Bought this after acquiring a Xbox 360 slim without a power supply. I had a power supply for the old Xbox 360, so I decided to try this out. It worked like a charm, plug & play!
    A lot cheaper than buying an entirely new power supply for the xbox 360 slim, if you have one for the older xbox 360 laying around.
    If you have a power supply for the old Xbox 360, and need to power a Xbox 360 slim, buy this.
  • Awesome

    posted by steguino

    It works!
    I can now use a ps2 pad, fight pad etc on the 360.
    Works by connecting a wired xbox pad or stick to female usb. Connect it to the console, let the pad sync up with the console, then connecting the ps2 pad to the lead. As the lead maps the controls from the offical pad over to the ps2 pad.
    I can now play senisble soccer and other games the way the are ment to be played and not with an anlogue stick.
    I love it.
    Brillant price, brillant bit of kit.
    Buy this is you want to use ps2 pad on yer 360.
    Mine works fine, had no movement problems with it.
  • It does the job, but not 100%

    posted by thatvietguy

    -Very easy to use. Just plug in and play. Worked great for my xbox 360 arcade stick playing on ps3
    -Turbo functions work great
    I have not tried to use the adapter with an actual xbox 360 controller. I've only used it with my xbox 360 arcade stick.
    The controller adapter does exactly as it says it does. It converted my arcade stick to ps3. However, I can't recommend this to another fighting game player. The missed inputs are crucial in these type of games. If you're playing other games, it works great!


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