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xbox cables adapters Customers Reviews

  • Works good but with drawbacks

    posted by zeroeximus

    Pretty much plug and play. Does enables you to use any xbox360 controller on the PS3, analogs and home button works. Good for majority of games, such as Gran Turismo or other racing games where the xbox's controller's trigger buttons are more comfortable No noticeable lag
    Not recommended for fighting games. Other games seems to fare much better.
    Good if you want to use the official xbox controllers on a PS3, but do not buy for fighting games.
  • Only buy if you have a wired controller

    posted by 3x0dys

    -It works
    -Decent quality cable and connectors
    -Works to use PS2 controllers on a 360, and 360 controllers on a PS3
    -Not bad price
    I don't even have a 360 wired controller, had to borrow one to to make sure it even worked.
    Great for hooking up your old favorite controller/arcade stick/dance mat, only problem is needing a wired controller. :(
  • Great for Tekken owners on Xbox 360

    posted by ElPaisa24

    This adapter is "plug and play" and perfect for fans of the PS2 d-pad over the horrible 360 d-pad. No lag and great for fighting games like Tekken Tag Tournamnet 2!
    I had another adapter like this (older model) and it required for you to plug a wired 360 controller into the adapter in order for the PS2 controller to work. This adapter solves that inconvenience!!
    Great adapter, no lag, responsive controls; enjoy for fighting games on 360 again.
  • just like original

    posted by EVILCITIZEN

    Bought this for a friend who lost his for the drumset. Works great and almost looks the same color. Tried it on my wired controller and works great too on that. Just like the orginal.
    you cant beat the price i dont know anywhere that sell just this piece alone, plus just the the original one. why do i have to post five hundred words to leave a review sounds dumb. one thing i wish dealextreme would do is have a description of five hundred word on some items that be nice.
    if you lost your origianl piece this is a great replacement.

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