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You will be surprised our best xbox 360 usb with an artful design and an amazing price. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. joystick xbox 360 or xbox 360 white contains many hot and popular products. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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xbox 360 usb Customers Reviews

  • Good battery.

    posted by mapollos89

    It's cheap, as always in Dealextreme.You can play while the battery is charging, so you can charge the battery with your laptop while playing xbox.It has a decent playtime for such a cheap battery.
    As I play while connected to my laptop, the playtime it delivers is not a very big deal. I assume I can get between 6 and 8 months of durability from this battery (I play a lot).
    Good price, good product, it's not the original, but it'll do the job.
  • works great like the extra charger

    posted by jaboboy

    This works great. Does what it says. Probably more like 2400 mah. Still good though. I like the extra charging bay, you can buy extra batteries and charge them with it and not worry about being wired to the X-box 360. I already charged my other battery with the charge bay. The price is fantastic and shipping is free.
    It will pay for itself in no time. It is white and matches the controller that I have. the charge bay works even with the x-box off, so you can charge anytime.
    I guess in the end I think that it could be built a little better, but it does do the job and you don't have to buy batteries all the time. I would buy this again, you can't go wrong, just get it.
  • Very good batteries!

    posted by trentbg

    These are some great cheep batteries for your Xbox 360 controller, I both two of these to have one fully charged at all time. Fits pretty snug in the controller slot and it doesn't have any gaps. It lasts very long, much longer than the original Microsoft battery. The price is right, at $5 can not beat that. It charges of the USB port, so the console, your PC, any other phone charger that uses USB it will work. Since those batteries are NIMH you need to charge at least 3 times from complete drain to full charge, i.e at least 3 full circles discharge and charge, so that the battery can reach its full capacity.
    the writing on the battery back states the amount of miliamps, and could a bit annoying, but with some rubbing alcohol it can be removed.
    Buy them, look no further.
  • Very good

    posted by msmarquesadm

    Very good, accept charge and works perfectly, adapts perfectly to the xbox joystick. Secure good loading and presents no problems. Can be used by any age. Quite useful for those who heavily use the xbox continuously because the rechargeable batteries do not work as well. if you use rechargeable battery have to keep changing from hour to hour, but with the battery life lasts for at least 4 hours of direct game. will be much more fun without interruption.
    Looks like the original
    Looks like the original
  • Good if you figure it out

    posted by Olena

    Cool Blue Led lights, at the usb part where you plug it into your pc, and inside the xbox hard drive green connector.Comes with small dvd with all the software and drivers you need.
    would be better if it came with installation instructions.
    this cable is really handy if you want to upgrade your hard drive, but with the new xbox update, you dont really need it, since you can now connect your usb flash drives and copy and edit files that way.i bought a second hand 120gb hard drive (person i bought from paid for the 250 gb)and they did not provide the cable so i bought this one.

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