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It's very convenient for you to find the xbox 360 red you want at our online shop. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. xbox 360 refurbished and xbox 360 black are the hottest keywords that customer use. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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xbox 360 red Customers Reviews

  • Works great

    posted by fotcfanforums

    It gets the job done. I was able to get all the screws out of my old xbox 360 controller. The build quality seems quite stable.
    Would be nice if it came it other colors, but hey it's not like I'll be collecting them or anything. :)
    The bottom line is this. It works and gets the job done. My controller was un-screwed in minutes. Just worried that the plastic may break from repeated use.
  • Great Long Lasting Battery

    posted by tsuu

    This is a Great price and many long hours of gameplay on the Xbox 360.Also as great bright vivid red color i was looking for.
    After having charged it for a very long time, it lasted many hours of gameplay, can't even remember how many , but several days, several hours a day.
    Buy it. It's a great price for a great long lasting battery and very good vivid red!
  • Great fit and great look

    posted by rvindua

    I picked up the red cover because we have the red wii with black adn red controllers and a black 360, so why not have black and red controllers. my wife got purple.They both slip on nice and snug. You get a really nice grip on it, the controller is not slippery at all. Also, if you have the optional keyboard that clips under the base of the controller, that will also fit while this skin is on. It's very snug but it works. We only have 2 controllers but if we decide to buy two more, we're definitely going to get two more coloured silicone skins from here.
    if there was a bit of a cutaway where the keyboard clips in so it's not as tight then that'd be great.
    add some flair without taking apart and painting your case. just get these skins, you can't go wrong especially at this price.
  • Cool looking shell

    posted by MaderaMan

    Great looking case.Easy to replace the old one.Comes with cool red chrome buttons.Sturdy material.Great Price
    Great for customizing your xbox 360 controller.It is fun to do and you have your own special controller. I made a controller with this case for me and one for a friend of mine who was really happy with it. Replacing the case is not very hard, there are a lot of helpful tutorials online. Just consider buying a T8H screwdriver, which you can get here on this site for dead cheap if you don't have one already.
    Great looking shell. Easy to replace and fun to make your own personalized controller.
  • beautiful replacement shel

    posted by jekjek47

    i love the color. wonderful and beautifully built. my package is shipped three days after i placed the order. completed package. all piece are present.
    wonderful replacement case, affordable price . great build, almost as sturdy as the original
    greatly recomended. i'll buy another one, hope they will have yellow.

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