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xbox 360 pc receiver Customers Reviews

  • Works great

    posted by RocketSwine

    This works with no problem with any wireless Xbox 360 controller. No lag or anything like that, just like the official receiver. Even the build quality is fine. It is such a great deal compared to the official receiver that costs 5 times more.
    If you have trouble installing the correct drivers, there are many youtube tutorials that will help with ease.
    It is a great product at a great price. The best alternative to the official product.
  • Nice

    posted by Bjorn77

    - Cheap- works fine- makes your pc a game station
    If you have a big tv with a pc connected to it and are in the possession of a Xbox controller it’s a must have. It makes gaming more fun and the original Xbox 360 controller is a good one. The looks are nice, the reception is even better. My pc is in the other room and it works flawless.Works excellent with Fallout New Vegas and racing games.They should do something about the driver. Windows 7 doesn’t connect it the first time. You will have to use a workaround. Dont use the disk on windows 7, instead: Right click on Computer- Go to Properties- Click on Device Manager- Right click on the Unidentified Device- Go to Properties- Go to the Drive tab- Click on Update Driver- Browse my computer for driver software- Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer, Microsoft Common Controller for Window Class Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version: [8/13/2009]- Update Driver Warning- Click YesThat shoul do it!!!
  • Works with Windows 7

    posted by Sepioth

    After getting the drives working it works just fine.
    To get this to work in Windiws 7 is quite easy.1- throw away the included driver disc :)2- download and install the latest Xbox 360 Accesories Drivers from Microsoft3- plug in the reciever and goto your device manager and select the UNKNOWN device4- select update driver5- select browse6- select let me pick7- select all devices from top8- select one of the Microsoft from the list and scroll to bottom of the list and select the Xbox Wireless Reciever from the list9- ignore the warning and continue anywayAfter a few the driver install will be successful and the conroller will now sync and work in windows.
    For the price this is great just wish the company would include working drivers.
  • Works as it should

    posted by y3nis

    The same product for a cheaper price. nice color. It is a small reciever. The cable is short wich is very nice because you wont need a long cable for a wireless connection.
    I have not tried 4 controllers together. I have also not tried to connect 2 recievers to my pc which might give the possibility of connecting 8 controllers.
    great for the price.

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