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xbox 360 joystick replacement

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xbox 360 joystick replacement Customers Reviews

  • Almost perfect

    posted by luksy

    The caps fit perfectly, their touch is pretty much 1:1 with original sticks. Look great, super cheap.
    Caps might scratch in time, hard to say, they certainly feel durable enough. Replacement takes about 5 mins, 10 if you haven't opened a pad before
    Bought as a replacement and for that they are as good the original caps, transparency is a bonus.
  • Xbox Pots

    posted by Markofq

    Genuine product, good quality ! Easy replacement if you have the correct tools.Works like original part. Good precision, no sticking.
    You must have - know, how to use the soldering iron and vacuum pump, if you want to replace it yourself.Color of the pots can be different than original, but they work good as original !
    Great replacement for your worn analog potentiometers ! I recommand to replace also ( if worn ) rubber caps on analog sticks when doing this job.
  • Very good screws! Hold perfectly, similarity with original the almost full.

    posted by Viktor33317

    Very good screws! Hold perfectly, similarity with original the almost full.
    Now regarding a shortcoming. That inside not the equal surface, doesn't allow to use a usual screw-driver with screws. For me it there was a news, especially, if to consider that the screw-driver was late. Screws very well are made! Helped me under repair my gamepad, and it began a new life!
    Excellent screws, but consider that for them the special screw-driver which is on sale on the same site is necessary!
  • Great Replacement

    posted by shenske

    Looks and feels VERY close to OEM.Very easy to replace and re-install. Assuming you have a security torx screwdriver to open the controller shell.Well padded and secure during the shipping process.Price. Are you kidding me @2 for two replacement caps and a the silicone pads. Thats a steal.
    Overall the price and quality is great. Spending two bucks for the feeling of a new controller is well worth it. The springy-ness of the buttons and the grip of the joysticks is great!
  • Works for old xbox too

    posted by Quatroking

    - Look nice.- Good build quality.- Work on BOTH Xbox 360 and the original classic Xbox controllers!- The joysticks have a nice grip just like the real product.
    When using these with controllers from the original Xbox, you will have to press a bit harder than on 360 controllers in order to get them to stay in place properly. After that you will have no problems using them at all.
    Great replacement product for a very good price. I bought two sets of these and both are working just fine!

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