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xbox 360 game controller

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xbox 360 game controller Customers Reviews

  • Works perfectly.

    posted by RayankLB

    Hace lo que tiene que hacer, y a un precio bastante barato.-------Do what is supposed to do at a very cheap price.
    Quitando el servicio de mensajería, contento con el aparato.
  • Nice

    posted by Bjorn77

    - Cheap- works fine- makes your pc a game station
    If you have a big tv with a pc connected to it and are in the possession of a Xbox controller it’s a must have. It makes gaming more fun and the original Xbox 360 controller is a good one. The looks are nice, the reception is even better. My pc is in the other room and it works flawless.Works excellent with Fallout New Vegas and racing games.They should do something about the driver. Windows 7 doesn’t connect it the first time. You will have to use a workaround. Dont use the disk on windows 7, instead: Right click on Computer- Go to Properties- Click on Device Manager- Right click on the Unidentified Device- Go to Properties- Go to the Drive tab- Click on Update Driver- Browse my computer for driver software- Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer, Microsoft Common Controller for Window Class Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version: [8/13/2009]- Update Driver Warning- Click YesThat shoul do it!!!
  • Pretty Good

    posted by MtG2k

    Once you get it working, It works SOLID! Charges the Controller and the fit is real nice. Charge Light switches from Red (Charging) to Green (Charged)
    for Windows 7 disable Driver Signing and enable test mode. Then Install the drivers that were written by Masahiko Morii. After that leave driver signing disabled, but you can turn off test mode.
    Great Product, works great (again once you get it set up right) and a great price. Definitely an item to buy if you want to use your xbox 360 controllers on your PC.
  • Cheap, but needs tinkering to work

    posted by Muskottah

    Cheap and gets your controller connected to your PC. Only a few moving parts. Easy to use once properly installed.
    Compatibility issues are common with some cheaper products. Mine seems to also have poor quality usb cable.Also, the disk is useless because it doesn't give working drivers for this device. The .pdf file manual was broken and unreadable.
    If you are able to follow the instructions that I linked, you should be ok in any situation.Cheap and works eventually. Hasn't got many moving parts that could break up.

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