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xbox 360 controller pc

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xbox 360 controller pc Customers Reviews

  • Pretty Good

    posted by MtG2k

    Once you get it working, It works SOLID! Charges the Controller and the fit is real nice. Charge Light switches from Red (Charging) to Green (Charged)
    for Windows 7 disable Driver Signing and enable test mode. Then Install the drivers that were written by Masahiko Morii. After that leave driver signing disabled, but you can turn off test mode.
    Great Product, works great (again once you get it set up right) and a great price. Definitely an item to buy if you want to use your xbox 360 controllers on your PC.
  • It works, but you need the driver

    posted by buskas

    - Cheap- Works well when you install the driver
    - Very long cable for a wireless adapter. Pro for some, con for others.- XBox controllers will appear as audio devices, so if you lose sound after attaching the controller, right click your sound icon and make sure your sound card is the default playback device- To install the driver, plug the device in, chose "select driver manually" and make windows search for the drivers on the provided CD.
    Good value for money, but I wish the drivers were either posted online or provided on a USB stick, since optical drives are becoming extinct..
  • Very good receiver

    posted by blaffer4

    - Very good, stirdy receiver with high compatibility- Easy installation, that is, as easy as genuine- stable- Recognised as genuine xbox 360 receiver
    The installation should be a breeze, an installation CD is added to the package containting the official Microsoft receiver driver and the software does not see a difference between genuine and this one.One major hickup is the fact that installation under Windows 8 is not simple at all, again, this is due to limited support from Microsoft. You need to manually specify the driver from the list of drivers preloaded with Windows. If you google "Microsoft xbox wireless receiver windows 8 installation" you will get to the Microsoft support site explaining how to do that.
    I've been gaming intensively on this device with a genuine Xbox 360 controller for about a month now, haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary, no freezing, lag or disconnects, overall a vety reliable product
  • Works Fine Once You Find The Driver

    posted by jgrant911

    Just like the real thing!
    Vendor should make the correct driver available.
    Overall a good deal but anyone with little computer knowledge will have a problem installing in Win 7 unless they read this review!


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