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xbox 360 adapter Customers Reviews

  • No nonsense replacement X360 breakaway cable

    posted by xavdeman

    -provides replacement for the part of the cable that sits between the XBOX 360 and the beginning of the real cable, meant so that when you pull the controller the cable disconnects and prevents the 360 from being pulled off your desk or furniture.-works exactly the same as the one that comes with your official XBOX360 controller, fully compatible.-cheap!-cheaper than buying a new XBOX 360 Wired Controller because you lost the tiny cable at the end of the wire.
    Buy one when you lost your original cable, this one is as good as the original.
    Product is perfect for price, and VERY useful, very hard to find in other retail stores.
  • Just what I was looking for

    posted by jappierzote

    It works fine!. Nearly the same as the original product.
    Great if you need to get audio separatedly from the HDMI cable and you don't want to pay the original product much more expensive.
    I was tired of hearing my XBOX audio from the TV stereo speakers. Now I use it with a 5.1 speakers set without digital input, but able to convert the stereo input to virtual dolby surround. The sound experience is just great! At least until I change my home cinema or get an A/V Receiver.
  • Works, sort of

    posted by opencircut

    - less room needed.- easy to install.- lowish cost.- sleek looking, not to bulky.
    Sharpness is diminished too, so where as before I could be sitting on the couch and it get everything except from my knees down, now I don't show up at all unless I'm standing. At which point it gets my whole body.
    If you cant afford a house with a huge room then it maybe worth it to buy this. I have small room and I feel its work it.
  • Works good but with drawbacks

    posted by zeroeximus

    Pretty much plug and play. Does enables you to use any xbox360 controller on the PS3, analogs and home button works. Good for majority of games, such as Gran Turismo or other racing games where the xbox's controller's trigger buttons are more comfortable No noticeable lag
    Not recommended for fighting games. Other games seems to fare much better.
    Good if you want to use the official xbox controllers on a PS3, but do not buy for fighting games.
  • Worth the buying

    posted by edufbr

    The power supply is well constructed with quality material. Comes complete with power cord and works perfectly.It is also cheaper than Microsoft original.
    The power cord that accompanies the product has an US standard plug (two flats), so you may need an adapter to use it.
    This item is worth buying if you're looking for a replacement power supply.

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