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wrist watch phone Customers Reviews

  • Good gadget

    posted by Vanius

    This Watchphone is a creative idea, interesting gadget. I've seeing people using big watches with no extra feature like this so it's fashionable. You don't have to carry a phone on your pocket. It is lightweighted and with the tiny extra battery you'll seldom run out of power.
    The wrist is good, easily adjustable. The battery change is easy and the extra batt is a good idea. The earphones and charger plug type is not the most popular but I think I've seen it on the older Samsungs.
    It works well, just don't expect too much.Low cost benefit rate.
  • GReat Watch

    posted by lulla3

    Great to receive phone calls while at the beach. Easy to use and very practical.
    I guess I on't have anything else to comment. I bought it to use as a phone, not a smart phone, although it has MP3, Camera and all other stuff that I don't use.
    Very satisfied and I am willing to by another one to give as a gift. People always asks me if that is a real phone or some type of communication device, like a walkie-talkie.
  • Initial Thoughts

    posted by jonecool

    Just received this watch on 7/1/2011. My initial impressions are that the quality build is quite good. It seems sturdy and the size is about what I expected. Keep in mind, a watch that has as many capabilities is going to be a bit large. Not huge, but it is noticeable.* Phone capability worked pretty good. I removed my AT&T SIM Card from my iPhone 3GS and installed it into the watch (must use the right SIM slot - there are 2). I was able to make calls and the sound quality was acceptable (although, I did hear a little static/popping). Wouldn't use it as my primary phone but for going to the gym or driving, should be fine.* Music playing to my S9 Bluetooth headset was ok- not great. Again, sounded like an AM Radio quality broadcast. Sounds great coming from my iPhone 3GS but not the watch. Still, I'd use it while working out at the gym which I'll try this week.* Video quality is quite low, stills are decent (1mp). Battery life is very good so far and it includes two batteries which is a plus. * Transfer of MP3's to the phone is easy via the USB cable attached to the watch (or direct transfer if you remove the memory card).* Battery life is very good so far.
    It would be great if a firmware update was available for this watch to improve the sound/video quality. As well as allow changing the clock image. There are several icons used in this phone that are cartoon-ish Chineese type Pokeymon-like images. Why they chose this, I don't know. But, functionally all the features do seem to work as advertised and in a very small and compact watch.
    Overall, I'm happy with this purchase. I've shown it to a few of my friends and they couldn't believe all it can do (and the price I paid for it). While improvements need to be made (see con's above), I would buy it again. Battery life is quite good so far. It won't be replacing my iPhone, but will definitely compliment it while working out. I may post a video review after I've had more experience with the watch. Nifty little device and one you'll most likely enjoy!
  • Ugly but does the job

    posted by ggcardoso

    - Good for a hidden record;- All functions seems to work fine.
    The OS is a generic used on other Chinese phones. It is not too intuitive. You can select the idiom, but english and portuguese are a little confusing.
    It is a fun toy, but cant replace a cellphone. You can use for listen mp3 too, but it will be a little ankward with headfones comin along your arm.
  • A large-screen wristwatch cellphone

    posted by kewlkiwi

    Watch does what it should, has heaps of functions such as compass, torch, video, camera, cell-phone, FM radio etc
    The manufacturer needs to improve his quality control (Not DX's fault though).
    This is a quite large unit, but I needed a big screen to avoid putting reading glasses on each time I check the time! If you prefer a smaller, more 'watch-like' unit, DX has them too.For the price, it's a great buy.


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