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wrist watch compass

This is our best wrist watch compass, they all share a great design and great prices. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. People who browse wrist watch compass also browse quartz wrist watch and skeleton wrist watch. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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wrist watch compass Customers Reviews

  • nice watch

    posted by adokiki

    this is what I actually bargained for and am so happy I got It.light weight, excellent design, very good display. droped It in water for one hour and its still woking fine. It was easy to set the watch even without the manual. I will still buy this watch again.
    the red colour design at the top of the watch makes the watch very beautiful but a green design at the top will be very beautiful.
    excellent watch.
  • Fancy product

    posted by paul05

    It looks really nice and draws a lot of attention.Looks costly.Very light.Easy to use.
    Packaging was not very good. It was actually damaged, but the product was not. It looks heavy and solid, but very light, so good in a way.
    Good product to show off. Useful to keep track of 2 times.Worth the buck, ill suggest this to any one.Once it stops working, no point of fixing it.
  • Cheap and nice

    posted by HelloFuckOff

    It doesn't look like a 9$ watch. Massive and stylish.
    Some of the watch parts are just useless, like a tachometer, which is just fake. Second pointer is fake too
    For the price it's just cool. It would coast the way expensive in my country
    Buy it if you're able to deal with the smell
  • Now that's a watch, and more.

    posted by stevegek

    If you want to draw attention, even a 200 mw laser won't give you as much attention as this watch! It's big, it's huge, it looks super decent and it looks interesting to anyone!Time is displayed in 2 watches, one for the minutes and one for the hours. This can also be used for different time zones if you travel a lot. Or if you know your traveling time to work is 40 min, set one clock 40 min ahead and you can see what time you'd arrive at work if you left that second.It looks great and feels quite solid. But the biggest pro's:The compass WORKS. Sure you have to make sure your watch is horizontal, shake a bit, vibrate it a bit, but in the end it's quite accurate! Not 100% but it's usable.The thermometer works too!!!! So far so good, not sure how precise it is, but it did confirm it was freezing outside, just like my skin confirmed that.
    Add a led light and laser? None really!
    It's cool, it's cheap, it's decent and it WORKS. One of my coolest watches!
  • Cool skull head leather band watch

    posted by playone

    Great looking skull head leather band watch! Materials are from good quality, I dont know is that real leather but it looks real, very nice watch and the price is very cheap! It's not too big and not too small! Perfect! So far it works excellent!
    Only thing that I don't like is that little compass, who needs compass in 21th century!
    Very nice watch for a low price! It worth 4.80 $

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