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wrist strap dslr

If you want to purchase wrist strap dslr, this is your best place to buy it. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

wrist strap dslr Customers Reviews

  • Good, and comfortable.

    posted by michaljankovsky

    Definitely good and handy item. For me MUCH better than the standard shoulder strap.I just like to hold my SLR with one hand (unless I mount the flash - then it gets too heavy).
    Would be good to have some lock of the screw - when I operated it when wearing winter gloves, the screw got deliberately unscrewed. But it was anyway manageable.
    Very good one. Nice price. I also feel safe when holding my camera with just right hand.
  • Serebuber

    posted by Serebuber

    Material cepkij s kozhej ruki,horoshij plastik platformy dlja osnovanija ustrojstva,na kolese zazhima est' rez'ba dlja shtativa,sshit kachestvenno - nitki ne torchat,est' ushko dlja prodevanija rodnogo remnja ( dopolnitel'no ). I konechno zhe nedorogo stoit!
    Platformu dlja osnovanija ustrojstva mozhno sdelat' akkuratnee (ton'she).
    Ochen' udobnyj dlja moego PENTAX K-5. Ostalsja dovolen, vsem sovetuju! Hotja i prislali bez original'noj upakovki (Bylo by prijatno).
  • Nice Mount

    posted by gutterball

    After screwing it in, the tri-pod mount is centered! VERY important if you are using a tri-pod. Another strap I used offset the tri-pod mount by a bit and this caused the camera to become very unsteady on a tripod.Good pricing. Says Canon, made in Japan on the bottom.
    I don't like wearing my cameras around my neck and prefer the wrist straps!Combine this mount with the strap off of the Mennon: http://www.dx.com/p/mennon-camera-grip-wrist-strap-8175and you have a tri-pod safe and comfortable wrist strap!
    Wrist strap feels better than having a DSLR hanging off your neck.

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