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  • Helps your wrist

    posted by ndru71

    Well its just a piece of foam but it provides the necessary wrist support. the material is soft and comfortable but firm enough to give some decent support.
    Is large enough to cover both keyboard and and mouse pad
    decent for this price but hey its just a piece of foam and maybe the price could be cheaper
  • Cheap mousepad, wrist saver !

    posted by calugarar

    - doesn't move around too much when you have your hand on it- good price- padding is strong enough- light
    Mine came bent in packaging, they could improve in the packaging department. I managed to iron out the bend out of it (it was bent near the bottom padding). If you want to stop it from moving, use some double sided tape to fix it in place around the edges.
    If you are using your mouse a lot, it is a good and cheap option to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or any other wrist issues
  • Nice :)

    posted by xak0root

    -- The wrist rest is removable, so you can wash it. It is attached with a velcro fastener.
    -- The surrounding of the mouse pad is sewed, which speaks for long durability.
    -- The form itself is very nice.
    -- Of course, a small mouse pad can be a pro argument, depending on the environment in which you work.
    Maybe the wrist rest is too hard for you. I would prefer gel instead of bamboo.
    Overall, it's a good product for a great price; I would recommend it to everyone who wants a wrist rest.
  • Cheap and small

    posted by RodrigoACK

    Very cheap and does what it's supposed to (it's just a mouse pad, after all).The foam wrist-guard is comfortable enough, and the fabric has a smooth surface for the mouse to slide on.
    I bought this to use at my work place. Does its job very well. It's a little smaller than I thought it would be, but this is not a big problem, since it's just a $2,00 mouse pad.
    You need a mouse pad and you have two bucks, this is the one for you.

    posted by moondoggie

    I ordered one to see how it's made and how it fits. Didn't give much hope as it's very cheap for what it should offer.I am going to order one more for my wife.it holds the hand in a nice way, and your wrist won't get tired.
    As a study or gaming add-on to your machinery this is a good thing. I often saw my cat on it, and that's around 3kg and no bending, twisting or breaking...I even caught my wife elbowing on the thing, and that way you put a lot of strain and pressure on it. it just mildly moved out of perfect standing. no damage.Definitely would buy...you need to tighten it good, and it will hold very nicely.

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