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  • Very high quality tools

    posted by nikoladd

    The bits are made of great quality steel. Very hard and durable. I don't know the actual material but it looks like crome-vanadium-molibdenum something steel. Look similar to one of my molibdenum stainless steel knives but I don't really know. What I know is that it ate through several screw heads with ease, which I like a lot since the opposite is pretty bad sign!
    The handle is pretty good too.
    I have many tools I've used and I've never seen bits that are that good!
    I'd like more tools from this brand and quality!
    I actually searched on purpose for other tools from the same brand! These are that good!
  • Great product

    posted by guigors

    Great tool. It is a very useful combo. You have many tools in just one. Excellent screw driver with different shapes and sizes! Was not sure when buying but after receiving the set I notice the big product I have bought. The bits are made from good material. It looks like the bits will last a long time.
    If you are looking for a multiple bit tool for home use or proffesional use, go ahead. Do not hestitate if you need it.
    Good product and as good as I was expected!
  • Not ergonomic

    posted by rokairala

    Good range in sizes. Well built and looks durable. Very useful for those with knives and electronics that need servicing. I was able to apply rather high pressure on to the screw without any problem.
    Bought it to open an old dvd player and salvage HDD magnets. Works great because of the variety of sizes.
    Takes time to get used to it, but it's not a wrench set to use every day. If you need to work with it on a daily basis, buy another one (an expensive precision and ergonomic set). Other then that, does it's job well
  • A good deal

    posted by Rafaeldiver

    It is a light and very useful tool's set. The knife is well sharpened and easy to fold and unfold.
    It worthed what I've paid. I intend to use it as a emergence tool. Whether you are hiking, camping or expedition, adventure, this can provide necessary help for you, let you easily finish all kinds of outdoor work.
    It was a good deal. I like buying in dx.com, because a the stuff always arrive. I hope this keep lasting.
  • A pro set of allen wrenches

    posted by szokwkrok

    The main reason I've bought them was the need to screw down a loose screw in sku.65387. Since the screw is 0.9 mm wide I had a lot of problems finding a set that would contain such a small hex key. DX proved to be the best source to look for those.The main pro, and probably the main reason why are people looking for those, is their size - you got to have a lot of luck to come across a hex key sized 0.7 mm - and you have it right here. They come well-organised and packed.
    A really helpful and handy set if you are in need of operating with very small screws. Obviously, you won't find much use of them if you're not dealing with uncommon screw sizes, as it doesn't contain the more popular sizes like 5 mm for example. Despite that, you can't go wrong with buying that set - it will save you a lot of frustration in the future if you're stuck with a small screw.

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