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  • It´s the London Eye

    posted by Palta

    I loved the quality of design and how it works.Maybe some parts has to be glued or they will fall, but it´s really fun to asemble.Amé la calidad de diseño y como funciona. Quizas algunas partes tienen que ser pegadas o se caen, pero realmente es muy divertido para armar.
    Really good product.
    If you like this stuffs, you will love it.
  • Brain Teaser Wooden toy

    posted by chaks32

    Very good price
    Decent workmanship
    The bead in the middle can go missing if not stored correctly
    Wood seems like it will last a while and won't break
    Was great for a cheap gift/small gift for a thank you present, probably wouldn't do as a birthday or bigger present as it is quite cheap.
    Would be great on the desk, but re-playability is low since once you figure out the puzzle it is quite easy to do.
    Great value for a working product, you wouldn't want to spend much more on a puzzle which only takes a few hours to learn how to put together again.
  • Brain AND fingers teaser

    posted by modreamarin

    Great way to lose time and improve your skills. I used to have such things in my childhood, but smaller (this one has nine levels, mine had only seven) and made of plastic.
    I wonder how much it will last;more precisely, how many times could it be assembled and disassembled.
    Recomended for people who need a "decorative" figure, but especially for peoiple who like solving puzzles.
  • Perfect gift ;)

    posted by Kribbzor

    This is a cheap gun for that family warfare you can have ;)Bought one of these for my dad, i regret it now afterwards... Rubberbands flying everywhere.I think this is a perfect gift for kids (not to young!) and adults.After i got my dad hes gun, i bought a few more for the rest of the family. It's really fun to have a small scale war at home :)
    Fun thing, i think its a perfect gift :).most of the time, the rubber band doesn't hurt to much... Just watch your eyes! Maybe get some kind of safety glasses
  • I enjoyed it

    posted by marcelodcorrea

    It has a good price and a good quality. I enjoyed this item. Perfect for intellectual exercises and practices. Makes you practice logic problems and spent a lot of time in its solution!!!!
    It is good for playing with kids. The product is made of wood and it is well finished. Really amazing!!!Evereything ok about delivery.
    I don´t identify a bottomline for this item.

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