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wooden displays Customers Reviews

  • Great product!

    posted by Eric1987

    It's a great clock, with a original wood design. Very tiny, excellent to have near bed. The light it's very powerful and can be seen for the very distance. It's has a dimmer for the like, so when the night comes it reduces its lighting power.The quality is also pretty good.You can use it with batteries or the USB cable.I'm very happy with it.
    none that i can think right now.
    It's a really good product, the price is not the best but it's not bad for its quality. I really recommend it if you want to renovate your old clock.
  • Nice to, useful plus pleasing

    posted by Honmi

    Simple fulfilment but pleasing. Pleasant green light colour displays, sufficient size digits. Good readability datums. Advantage power supply and over USB 5 volts. Dinky energy intensity.
    O'clock me testifyed how in truck, so in living car. Create pleasant atmosphere plus at the same time its shine let alone.
    Good price plus high usage.. Be instrumental to my full satisfaction.
  • Good quality, nice look

    posted by Toshik2002

    Rwally very nice look. Shows time and temperature. It uses USB power cable, which is very useful for my desktop (just plug into free USB port in PC)Also it can be powered by batteries. Without any power it remembers time and does not reset it.
    I use it on my work desktop, and I like how it looks
    Very good quality for chneese goods.Nice formfactor (cube)
  • Nice to o'clock with thermometer

    posted by Honmi

    The clock is really beautiful an works perfectly.for the price i recomend you to buy it! has good quality! Its a nice desk clock. Very easy to setup, even without the manual . Have fahrenheit and celsius. Great size of the numbers in the display nice colors, nice finishing.
    Use near PC, pleasant green light colour as well as at least information on ambient temperature.
    Advise, behind acceptable money high value in use.
  • stylish

    posted by artemds

    Original form. Look great on a dark table. Attracts attention. The figures are bright and clear (clearer than the photographs of the goods). Two modes: constant burning and show on request.
    Very stylish looks. I am glad the opportunity is not a constant glow of indicators that can irritate the night. Can be powered from the USB port but why do it is not clear, perhaps can charge the batteries.

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