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  • Brain Teaser Wooden toy

    posted by chaks32

    Very good price
    Decent workmanship
    The bead in the middle can go missing if not stored correctly
    Wood seems like it will last a while and won't break
    Was great for a cheap gift/small gift for a thank you present, probably wouldn't do as a birthday or bigger present as it is quite cheap.
    Would be great on the desk, but re-playability is low since once you figure out the puzzle it is quite easy to do.
    Great value for a working product, you wouldn't want to spend much more on a puzzle which only takes a few hours to learn how to put together again.
  • Brain AND fingers teaser

    posted by modreamarin

    Great way to lose time and improve your skills. I used to have such things in my childhood, but smaller (this one has nine levels, mine had only seven) and made of plastic.
    I wonder how much it will last;more precisely, how many times could it be assembled and disassembled.
    Recomended for people who need a "decorative" figure, but especially for peoiple who like solving puzzles.
  • Fun puzzle!

    posted by Blabb

    -Cheap fun!
    -Takes a while to solve, especially if you don't study it in one piece before dismantling.
    -The wood itself seems to be of good quality considering the price.
    -Good brain teaser for all ages.
    I really like these types of puzzles and this one is no exception. The wood used is of good quality, but because there's quite a bit of wiggle room, it easily comes apart - which is obviously annoying when you've just put it together.
    All in all, it's still good, cheap fun for ages (except toddlers).
  • Tricky one, requires more ability than brains.

    posted by ADAC

    A very funny one, this one makes you wish you have 3 hands, or maybe 6 fingers in each one ... this is the kind of puzzle that becomes challenge when you don't pay much attention when you disassemble it, otherwise, assemble it again it's only a matter of dexterity,
    Made of wood, they are very charming to expose in your shelf or table, the visitors aways wan't to try it.
    Nothing significant.
  • I enjoyed it

    posted by marcelodcorrea

    It has a good price and a good quality. I enjoyed this item. Perfect for intellectual exercises and practices. Makes you practice logic problems and spent a lot of time in its solution!!!!
    It is good for playing with kids. The product is made of wood and it is well finished. Really amazing!!!Evereything ok about delivery.
    I don´t identify a bottomline for this item.

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