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wooden box Customers Reviews

  • Nice Product

    posted by jeroselino

    Great quality.
    Pieces are great and made of real wood.
    The case is very practical and the parts are well protected.
    Not very cheap, but it's still a good buy.
    I bought as a gift to my youngest son who became interested in playing chess lately. Here in Brazil you can buy one of that size for that same price, but with pieces made ??of plastic.
    My son loved it!
  • Smaller than I'd pictured

    posted by manica

    A mysterious block of wood.
    As far as price, I don't know if this was a good deal. I have no idea the price range of such an item. Also, if this is all over the web, wouldn't the criminals then know this is not just a piece of wood? No need to try and open, just take the whole thing and smash it up to get to the goodies inside.
    But overall, it's a practical item.
  • A fun little box

    posted by canjoe

    This is nice box. Its looks like its worth much more and can be displayed for show. It is pretty hard to open so people won't easily be able to get to whats inside
    Its a box that's hard to open. It looks reasonably good and isn't that expensive. If you want to use it for storing, maybe wait for the bigger version.
  • pretty cute, as expected.

    posted by Dsi15

    It is a very cute little box, perfect for storing very small things. People are actually having a hard time trying to figure out how to open it, it's not as easy as it looks. Looking at the pictures that are provided here makes it a no brainer but for people who aren't familiar with that it's kinda nice to look at them struggle.
    providing the boxs dimension would've been nice. since they haven't, I will:The entire box:4 x 13 x 3 (cm)The storage:3 x 7 x 2 (cm)
    Pretty much, as expected.
  • Chess game

    posted by vallemarc

    We are very happy with this game of chess, it is small, lightweight, fits in Quaker place. It's quite fun, for those who like to play!The pieces are small and beautiful, and the box keeps the contents!Quarquer can take place in the game and start a game and very fun.
    It's pretty cool, was looking forward to the arrival!I love chess, then, those who want fun without spending too much, this is the solution!
    I wanted to buy here in Brazil, but was a little expensive!I remembered the DX and found what he wanted, a chess cheap.

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