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  • Nice disposable cutter

    posted by warlord

    It's cheap and it works
    I used this for making/installing cat 6 cables. It broke halfway through my install (4 rooms). Not a big deal because I was pretty much expecting it to.
    It broke into 3 pieces that make up the item. If I was feeling really cheap I probably could've just superglued it together.
    Does the same job as a pair of wire cutters but won't last nearly as long. I'd invest in a solid pair of wire cutters over one of these, or if you really want to buy this item maybe get a few because they will break.
  • Good tool to have

    posted by Inokez

    -> The build is OK-> You can exchange the blades-> It cuts, lol-> Can cut and strip both coaxial and ethernet cables, I use it most for coaxial, for stripping ethernet I think that sku 2687 is better.-> Looks kind of bad-ass with all of this blades and everything.-> Nice tool to have with your network/wiring tools.
    -> Looks kind of bad-ass with all of this blades and everything.-> Reminds me of Batman.
    Good to have in your network/wiring toolbox.Price is not bad.
  • Good Tool

    posted by darksideme

    Easy to use tool. Good spring action. Not too fast and not too slow. It is just right. A must have tools for wiring. Made pretty good. Simple tool using a simple tool. Ha Ha.
    I have need to use this space to fill the requirement character or this thing won't post. I need 500 characters and it have yet to reach it.
    Good product at a good price. I suggest you buy it and check this out.
  • Sturdy and durable

    posted by Srippa

    Feels sturdy in your hands, and much cheaper than anything I could get locally. Comes with a cap for the tip so it wont accidentally nick things while stored.
    Very strong spring made me think it might damage the items that were being wired, but from continuous testing that doesn't seem to be the case.
    For the price, it's worth it; a sturdy and durable piece.
  • Great Wire Stripper, Great Price!

    posted by Andrew181

    This wire stripper grips the wire and then makes the strip at any length you want. It is great for adding a split connection to a wire with out cutting it. It even has a guide for stripping wires, as in if you needed to strip mulitple wires at the same length. After you strip a wire this wire stipper literaly springs back to be ready to strip another peice of wire.
    Great price havent seen these under $25-30 in any store. So I got these last week and are great for wire stripping anything really. I use these on delicate wires that can't be pulled on too much.
    Bottomline is great price great product but I do wish that the handles had more of a rubber feel to them so it would be easier on the hands.


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