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wireless wifi antenna

Every single wireless wifi antenna displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. wifi antenna male, wifi antenna female may be more suitable for you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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wireless wifi antenna Customers Reviews

  • Where else can you get hi-gain for such a price?

    posted by JohnnyricoMC

    Bought 3 of these for my 802.11n routerThe signal reception improved a lot, finally the wifi reached through all of the house and transfer rates improved too (thanks to the better signal reception)If you have an access point with a small antenna and you need to improve the signal, this is a simple way to do so. I don't know of anywhere else where you can get +7Dbi or higher antennas for such a low price.
    Keep the antennas at least 10 cm away from each other at all time. The length of a wifi 2.4Ghz wave is 100mm. Bring the antennas closer to each other than 1 wavelength and the router or AP's wifi chip has a good chance of overheating. This has nothing to do with these antennas. It's just physics. Every wifi device has this problem.
    Get one (or more) of these if you can't afford expensive high-powered wifi equipment but still want to improve the signal reception on your router.Note: this is RP-SMA, which is the standard connection on most routers and APs. Don't buy this if you use Linksys equipment. Linksys routers and APs use a different connection.
  • this is a very good antenna

    posted by mixmil

    well this antenna work perfect in my router and really works you know,it increases a signal and the rank of the wifi so its a good investment
    this is a good antenna and cheap and compare to another antennas works just fine and it have really good aspect too
    I have to floors in my house the router stay in the second floor and the signal in the first floor was vary poor wiht this antenna the signal its vary strong now so I can tell work amazing buy it
  • Its a hell of a LONG antenna!!

    posted by Ayooo

    Tried in to a TP Link router, fits well, no so heavy, so the router doesnt fall off due to the length of the antenna. couldnt verify the real power output, yet. the stand looks well built and solid enough.It is not obligatory to use the stand to connect the antenna. it screws fine on the router/modem itself.
    Its written Directional antenna on the package but i dont understand how can it be a directional antenna when its a round stick!!??, probably written wrongly. the package describe the placement of the stand as if it should be place on the windshield of a truck or something??!!, well none of this really matter as long as the antenna works.
    Its a hell of a long antenna, and you will need at least 30-35cm height for that thing.
  • Fantastic product

    posted by awdglf5

    This antenna significantly boosted the wireless signal on my main desktop PC. I have my router on the other side of the house and was frequently suffering dropouts and dodgy connections. Not any more!This unit has a fairly lengthy lead too so I have a variety of mounting options.
    Great if you need a reliable wireless connection over some distance. Definitely worth the money!!
  • good price

    posted by death29

    It is worth noting that the price is very good. The device is worth its money.
    This is a good antenna for the home. However, with mobile devices is the signal, unlike d-link antenna 7 dBi. At a distance of 200 metres is working fine (open area without barriers). I think is worth taking further and check at a greater distance.
    Antenna is worth its money. Be sure to buy it!

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