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wireless transmitter module Customers Reviews

  • Cool Transmitter

    posted by bpetreski

    For the price it is the best. I'm very happy about this transmitter. No problem at all.The quality could be better but it's not too bad. It comes without the instructions but you can easly figure out how to navigate.
    nothing else then.The other great thing is you can turn it off via the MCU. You don't have to uplug it and it's always there ready to use. Very convienient.
    Its a great transmitter and the quality of the signal is OK! It's a bit better than other transmitter who is similar like this
  • Excellent QI charger module

    posted by proforko

    Small dimensions of PCB.Coil should be the same size everywhere since its size is tuned for operating frequency.Has two LEDs, orange lights all the timeBlue lights when the phone is nearby and charging can begin.From my tests, the phone is recognized and starts charging when it is placed 9mm from the top of the coil (see my pics).Current consumption compared to distance:phone on the top of the coil: 0,8Aphone 9mm from the top of the coil: 1Aphone 11mm from the top of the coil: 1,2Aphone 13mm from the top of the coil: 1,35A
    When i was thinking about QI charger, i wanted to buy more of several ones, which i did, but this i considered to be installed in my car behind dash (of course some mods will be neccessary).This module is excellent.It gets a bit hot while charging at longer distances since the module must use more current.
    I was using Samsung Galaxy S4 with wireless cover, sô this was my "reference" :)It also has solder pads near the micro USB port to solder wires.I will buy more.
  • Small and quire efficient

    posted by pkvols

    Apparently quite efficient, and gets slightly less hot than other similar chargers. Very compact design. Nice packaging, and precise coil placement.
    One blinking blue LED signals about its status.
    A very good candidate for a DIY project if you're looking for a compact and efficient charger.
  • Good for charge your mobile

    posted by matolegin2

    Its easy to use, you can wirelesly transmit 5V max. 600 mA. I am using it with charging my mobile phone. You can connect receiver output directly to micro USB port of yopu mobile phone.Transmitter is supplied from adapater by 12 V (1A)
    Nice small coils, small PCBS, can be easy situated under the protection cover of mobile.
    When you need 500 mA current better use two devices.
  • Works with my Nexus 5 and 7 devices

    posted by RichardBronosky

    Very compactWorks with standard Qi enabled devicesWorks with SKU#250209 Wireless Charging Receiver for Samsung Galaxy S3
    I'm ordering a few more of these to:1. embed in my car's dashboard2. embed in my RAM Mount on my motorcycle3. embed in a pocket chiseled/routered under my nightstandCombine this with the SKU#280408 Micro USB Qi Wireless Charger Receiver and you can do lots of cool projects.I'm actually interested in modifying an lamp to have LEDs and a Qi receiver so that I can turn it on by placing it in the right spot on my nightstand.
    I recommend the product and will be ordering more for myself.

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