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  • Great case, good quality, fully compatible

    posted by pasanro

    Fits perfectly with my Pipo M9Pro, and for sure with most 10.1 tabletsFully compatible with android 4.2.2, easy to linkThe size is comfortable.Keyboard can be removed nd sticks to the case with magnets.Build with really good quality materials.
    I'm still investigating how to use "delete" key in the text fields, but i think this function is not available for android.
    Great product, comfortable and fully functional. Excellent choice if you are looking for a universal case with bluetooth keyboard for any 10.1 tablet.
  • Very Nice Device to have

    posted by Nedhal

    Good price and good quality. Cheap Airplay receiver, easy to set up just plugs and play, good quality images and videos recipient in the TV. It serves my purpose. Now I can watch all my iphone and ipad stored Medias in my big TV screen specially the youtubes and taken videos.
    Good product with such this low price
    Nice to have one
  • Good cheap bluetooth keyboard

    posted by jmcollis

    For the size and usefulness, this is a nice cheap bluetooth keyboad that goes well with a tablet no matter what type of OS you have on board. The keys are a really good spacing - slightly smaller than an Apple keyboard, but not too much different. It works for me much better than one of those keyboards that are made to be a case and keyboard in one, as they always seem to be cramped for your fingers. There is also a good base with a grippy sort of rubber feeling so it will stay secure on most surfaces I have tried. Combine this with a case for your tablet that allows it to be seen easily, and it works really well - presuming you don't mind carrying a keyboard that is slightly bigger than your tablet (which I have no problems with). I've used it in meetings to take notes and have found that it works perfectly well without much issue.
    It really does seem that finally Bluetooth has graduated to being really useful.
    I would recommend this tablet keyboard to anyone who wants a keyboard that is actually usable - i.e. one with keys of a size where you don't have to completely change your style of typing.
  • Lose ur Graphic Pen Tablet pen?? Don't worry to buy a new one..

    posted by Arunabh

    1st of all it supports lots of other Graphic Pen Tablets. Wright now i m using it with I-Ball WP8060. So u don't have to buy a full tablet set after u lose ur pen. Its very cheap (at the time i purchase, i compare with some other site).It also looks so good and easy to grip in ur fingers. And also have sharp nib and switch ON/OFF button like regular normal pen (to save power, not for the nib).
    Starting is too good cant say about the future of the product.
    In short product is very good,cheap and useful. But shipping is questionable.
  • Better than logitech

    posted by therealdhrduck

    It works on Linux, Android and Windows without the need of installing drivers, because it is seen as mouse. The use of a computermouse.You can use it for LaTex Presentation and normal powerpoints. A nice grip and good building quality
    Much better for a lower price compared to the logitech equivalents
    The perfect presenter to use at every presentation.

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