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  • Doing job well

    posted by leonasarov

    - Status indicator- Works well- Easy to use- Low price and good quality
    Good device. Wireless charging module could be easily dismounted from phone holder so you can use it separately.I have Nexus 5 phone. When I charge it using wireless technology, phone says: "Charging (wireless)". This is funny.
    Start using wireless car charger - this is really great. Your phone is being charged during drive and you do not need to connect cables - just put the phone into the holder.
  • It works :)

    posted by orikote

    Works perfectly and the charging time isn't noticeably longer. The led starts blinking telling you that everything is going ok. Furthermore it beeps when you put your phone over it so you know it has started charging.
    Now I'm using it on the car with a good official usb charger as those bought in DX doesn't seem good enough for this and the charge gets unstable.
    Very useful, now I'm able to listen music in my car with my phone and my bluetooth radio without draining my battery nor connecting the phone each time I get in the car.
  • Nice standard for wireles charging of LG Nexus 5

    posted by HeleenvdVen

    This Q8-Qi Standard Mobile Wireless Power Charger - White + Green is easy to use and is a nice standard for your mobile phone. I use it with my LG Nexus 5 and it works perfectly. Also the prices is good, wireless chargers are very expensive and are working just as well. I do not know the loading time yet, but it is a handy standard next to my laptop because you are able to watch the screen better than when the phine is lying flat on the table!
    very fast shipping. It took two weeks to deliver after my order.
    It is worth the money!
  • Near perfect solution for wireless charging.

    posted by kaczus

    Very simple and easy to use. Just plug in the usb cable and connect it to a usb power source. The light will start blinking when it's charging something. Very compact and light.
    It's great if you have one device to charge.
    It's a great product. Very convenient and easy to use and well worth the price.
  • Wireless charging - just like a toothbrush ?

    posted by drutley

    The wireless charging receiver fits well inside the battery compartment surprisingly well despite its thickness. Charging rate is 1000 mA which is half that of the Samsung charging adapter provided with the phone. It has no problem transmitting the charge through the waterproof case also purchased for the phone (item #273766). Should you have your phone in a similar style case you may find it cumbersome to open the charging port to plug in the USB charging cord. The Qi compatible charging mat is slightly larger than phone dimensions and comes with the wall adapter and USB cable to power it. The unit comes with 2 LED's to indicate power to the mat (Red) and upon detection of placement of the phone correctly over the mat, a beep, beep sound accompanied by a green light appears indicating a successful connection and charging begins.
    Inductive charging is nothing new and the convenience of placing your phone down on the charging mat reminds me of a Sonicare toothbrush. No need to replace batteries, just place it back into the holder. The charging works through magnetic transfer of energy where the coil receiver inside the phone placed in close proximity of the transformer inside the charging mat completes the conducting circuit.
    The convenience of placing the phone down on the pad to charge is helpful for those that forget to plug in the USB cable.

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