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  • Replaces perfectly a built-in wiffi not configurable

    posted by bouby

    I have an Asus 10' notebook on which I installed Ubuntu. Problem : the wifi card is not recognized any more. No drivers are available. Impossible to re-install Windows - no CD reader !!!!!A notebook without wifi networking, is no more a notebook.I tried dozens of solutions without results. Finally, I found the Vonets VAP11N Mini Wireless 802.11n 150Mbps Wi-Fi Signal Bridge / Repeater .Easy to install and configure it, after a fews minutes, It was connected to our favorite networks.Support the 802.11n Wi-Fi transmission protocol.Nice looking and small enough to remain in the same pouch as the notebook.
    Looks strong.
    Generally, it offers excellent solution for PCs or notebook having a failing wifi card.
  • Antenna for modem

    posted by mariusr

    Very cheap product and after few weeks it is still working and it is very good .Easy to connect and to install .After few weeks the connector is still working very fine and it does not decompress .
    Easy to connect and to install.
    Very cheap product and after few weeks it is still working and it is very good .
  • Amazing product, amazing price!!!

    posted by UrbanPaladin

    an incredibly useful and downright nifty gadget. i would ususlayy have to do a sweep for wifi with my phone before getting my laptop out, but now this is even easier- just 'blip' tap the button and see what happens... you normally knwo one way or another if there is wifi about in under 5 seconds. its easy to reay ( red means no, green menas yse) and it gives you a fair indication of signal strength. build quality is pretty solid too- moulede plastic, no 'bits' that look like the will snap off, the battery cover is secure too. the shape is also good as it doest hanf up on stuff in your pockets
    ive seen similar products got for £20 + in PC world, an this is only £4, so you work it out!
    if you leech wifi its a 'must have' you wont find somethign else this useful, this cheap!
  • Cool solution to mprove Wi-Fi reception at home.

    posted by marcusfernandez

    Add 20-30 dBm to my Wi-Fi signal.EU plug included.Easy installation (without setup).
    Extension cable is very useful with some routers (in my router power input and antenna input are very close and I've got to use the extenssion cable)
    At home I was using a Wi-Fi router and a Wi-Fi repeater, but now I doesn't need the repeater. In rooms that were between router and repeater now I've got better reception (devices aren't jumping between both access points) and in other places I've got the same or better signal recepcion.
  • Review

    posted by Andreasprim

    The headset is easy to use.I can have the headset on and walk around in my house and still have good signal.It was very cheap for its quality.
    I really like this headset because it is very mobile you can walk around with it on you can also talk with people with out sitting on your computer.You only need one USB contact
    I will recommend this for them who want a cheap headset with good mobility and them that not like cable (i am one of those)


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