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wireless shutter release Customers Reviews

  • This is a real bargain!!

    posted by organdj

    Intuitive setup.
    Works as a remote trigger or with the wired receiver only.
    Inexpensive compared to the Canon equivalent.
    I bought a wired trigger as a backup along with this wireless trigger. I'm very impressed with this product. Very good value--worked on my Canon 30D right out of the box. I didn't need to change channels or anything else. Just install the battery and it works!
    Works great with Canon 30D. Great value. I should've bought one of these a long time ago.
  • cheap and awesome!

    posted by swissguy

    - works as designed- cool pull out antenna (looks like a remote control for a bomb :) )- nicely built- cool blue and red led
    the receiver will blink blue when switched on. pressing the button to focus will make the receiver glow blue, taking the picture will make it glow red (also manual bulb possible)and yes, why not tear apart the sender and release the shutter by noise or light? or why not abuse the receiver as a cheap garage door opener :)
    you have a cam it works on and want a remote?BUY THIS ONE - if your a real pro, it might be too fragile. i would not recomend this for outdoor use. also get some spare battery for the receiver (sku: 904) in case you keep it on and it drains. no really, i'm a semi-pro fotographer and must say, this device is awesome
  • Works just fine

    posted by thwibble

    Works as described. Lots of functionality. Easy to use. Receiver sits nicely on the flash-shoe if desired. Remote is comfortable to work with. DIP switches control which frequency to operate on.
    The manual shutter-release button on the remote doesn't have good tactile feel-back. It doesn't feel solid. However once the timer/interval mode is engaged you don't use it anyway.
    Would recommend. Considering that the official Nikon unit is twice this price and doesn't have half the functionality this is a good buy.
  • Great remote

    posted by Sunsqueaker

    Excellent for sports and action photography.No fancy-schmancy stuff. Does the job. Cable can probably be replaced to fit other cameras.A steal, especially if you can't afford a PocketWiz
    All in all, perfect for remote usage. Of course, it's not a PocketWiz, but for this price it's a killer product. If you need a remote for your camera, BUY THIS!Confirmed working on the D90.
  • great product

    posted by CVR99

    The trigger is great, I use it in a photo booth setup and it is very easy to use for my customers. I have found that it has great range and i do not get any false fires. My customers have commented that the trigger is the easiest that they have ever used, I would recomend this product to anyone
    I will be buying another one of these triggers when i buy my wife a camera
    the bottom line is that if you are looking for a basic trigger that will do bulb or timer mode i recomend this product, pixel is a good product name for the price

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