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wireless remote shutter Customers Reviews

  • great product

    posted by CVR99

    The trigger is great, I use it in a photo booth setup and it is very easy to use for my customers. I have found that it has great range and i do not get any false fires. My customers have commented that the trigger is the easiest that they have ever used, I would recomend this product to anyone
    I will be buying another one of these triggers when i buy my wife a camera
    the bottom line is that if you are looking for a basic trigger that will do bulb or timer mode i recomend this product, pixel is a good product name for the price
  • Better range than I expected!

    posted by Bluestar45

    Ridiculously simple to use, this remote shutter release offers a single power ON/OF button on the receiver, plus a manual trigger. It also has two bright LEDs to indicate its activity. A coiled cord helps keep things neat when the unit is attached to the hot shoe, and plugged into the N style trigger port. (Note: The hot shoe is just a place to attach the receiver to the camera. The receiver makes no electrical connections through the hot shoe.)
    But its the transmitter which is the star of the show. The range is far greater than I expected, exceeding 30 yards line of sight and probably more if you hold it higher than waist level!
    Additionally, the status LED (bi-color red and green)not only indicates when the shutter is tripped (red) but also indicates the halfway press which engages the auto focus. Sweet! The transmitter button has a soft stop at the halfway point, and a well defined click for the full press, making it a snap to tell without looking how far you pressed. The transmitter also features its own timer mode (see cons) as well as a multi-shot and bulb mode.
    And the system even offers a choice of operating channels via four position DIP switches on the transmitter and receiver, making it useful for multi camera situations.
    The english translations are typically obscure, so the bulb mode bears a bit more detail here. Unlike other remote shutter releases which require you to hold the button down for the duration, this one saves the battery life by allowing you to press and hold the transmitter button until its status light goes out, then a second press closes the shutter. While the shutter is actually open, the receiver status light will remain on as a reminder.
    The batteries are rated for approximately 1000 triggers, and DX sells both the 23A (SKU 475) and the CR2 (SKU 904).
    DX also sells a number of other wireless triggers so research them out, but for the very low cost, this was my choice, and I am more than pleased with it.
  • cheap and awesome!

    posted by swissguy

    - works as designed- cool pull out antenna (looks like a remote control for a bomb :) )- nicely built- cool blue and red led
    the receiver will blink blue when switched on. pressing the button to focus will make the receiver glow blue, taking the picture will make it glow red (also manual bulb possible)and yes, why not tear apart the sender and release the shutter by noise or light? or why not abuse the receiver as a cheap garage door opener :)
    you have a cam it works on and want a remote?BUY THIS ONE - if your a real pro, it might be too fragile. i would not recomend this for outdoor use. also get some spare battery for the receiver (sku: 904) in case you keep it on and it drains. no really, i'm a semi-pro fotographer and must say, this device is awesome
  • Useful and fun extension for your Panasonic Camera

    posted by Stoffl

    This nice set will give you fine possibilities you will not find on your camera alone, including- Make self portraits when on vacation alone- Avoid camera shake at long time exposures- Realize long time (bulb) exposures... and moreTwo step releaser as you are used from the cam (first step: focus, second step: shutter)Extendable arial give up to 30m function!
    These units are sold quite expensive in europe. Here you get same at much lower price
    I am very satisfied with the product.
  • It works !

    posted by Dilaixtraime

    It works with my Nikon D7000.I still haven't tested the range of the signal, because I use it as a wireless trigger to prevent blur from moving when I take pictures with a telephoto lens.
    I'd appreciate if the transmitter (not the receiver) would be compatible with the Nikon D80 receiver: only one transmitter to carry ! But it doesn't work.
    Finally, it’s a good product, and not cheap. It is not expensive when compared with the products of the Nikon brand.

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