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  • Great mouse/keyboard combo for demos

    posted by Gaoum

    Easy to understand instructionsEasy to useSlick and solid look
    Actual toughness is yet to test but so far, it doesn't appear to be a cheap design.I wish the infrared purpose would be documented. I guess that you could use this a a TV remote as well but I haven't tested yet.Mouse control is a bit awkward at first (just like a wii remote) but you get used to it quickly
    A great tool for the price but $31 is still a bit expensive. I would like to see that thing go for $25.
  • Great Remote for the price

    posted by electriac

    This little remote produces standard ASCII commands. I have written a media player which works perfectly with this remote.
    label14.Text = "Key = " + e.KeyValue.ToString();
    if (e.KeyValue == 13) navigate(); //Enter
    if (e.KeyValue == 32 || e.KeyValue == 179) pausePlay(); //pause/play
    if (e.KeyValue == 39) { playNext(); listBox1.SelectedIndex--; } //Next
    if (e.KeyValue == 37 || e.KeyValue == 177)
    } //Previous
    if (e.KeyValue == 71) graphicOffOn();
    if (e.KeyValue == 82)
    if (checkBox1.Checked == false)
    checkBox1.Checked = true;
    else checkBox1.Checked = false;
    if (e.KeyValue == 68) radioButton1.Checked=true;
    if (e.KeyValue == 65) radioButton2.Checked = true;
    if (e.KeyValue == 67) radioButton3.Checked = true;
    if (e.KeyValue == 27) Application.Exit(); //Exit Ap
    if (e.KeyValue == 76) selList();
    if (e.KeyValue == 73) includeSubs();
    if (e.KeyValue == 80) gotoParent();
    if (e.KeyValue == 83) nameSave();
    if (e.KeyValue == 190) saveToTemp();
    if (e.KeyValue == 8) { listBox1.SelectedIndex = 2; navigate(); } //parent
    BTW the CH+ CH- are ASCII 34 "PageDown" and ASCII 33 "Page Up".
    Best remote for the price I have ever tested.
  • Perfect for media centers!

    posted by RedEl

    - Works with windows 7.- VERY VERY useful, using it with my HTPC all the time, much more useful than the wireless keyboard-mouse that came with it.- Thin and compact design.- Build quality is good.- Can control mouse as well as use for media player\media center.
    The same one in English would be hit.Some more options would also rock - this is the only mini remote I saw in DX.
    A MUST if you have a media center PC.
  • Great for wathing films

    posted by georgistz

    Works perfectly, just plug in a free USB port and it is ready - no driver required on Linux or WinXP and later.Install itself as a HID keyboard and works with Winamp, Media Player Classic and almost any other multimedia program. The keycodes sent are just the normal HID codes from any multimedia keyboard.
    It is extremely difficult to input text from the remote control but since this is not what it's for, we can overlook that.Would be great if some of the buttons could be reassigned for other functions.
    Very nice and useful product. Now I can watch films and listen to music without sitting in front of the computer.
  • Great function and is plug and play!

    posted by Gonzule

    Excellent quality for the price. I mean, its not a $50 remote, but its still pretty good. All buttons work perfectly and functions as you would expect. Some buttons will behave differently depending on what software you are using (i found some differences between using VLC Player and XMB), but in general its quite easy to do. You can also control the mouse pointer with it in windows, so its great i dont need a mouse to troubleshoot my media center when something goes wrong.
    Excellent product for a media center! If you need one of this, pick this one as it has many buttons for different functions, you wont even have to stand to control your pc completely.


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