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  • Nice remote control for home projects

    posted by n8bako

    1. Good soldering and board quality2. Simple schematics that is far easy to understand3. Allows to control power circuits in 2 different modes: switching while button is pressed or permanent switching if you press and release the button. Good for alarm purposes. Switching modes can be changed by shorting 2 of 3 available pins. 4. Distance is pretty good for my purposes5. Can be embedded almost anywhere
    I'm gonna add few modifications and embed this little gadget to my diy lathe or micro-drill press. Also you can turn the lights off in you bedroom if you don't wanna get out of bed. Musthave feature if you are lazybone :)
    Good multi-purpose gadget for many diy projects that require remote control.
  • Works like a charm, build quality is great

    posted by rhausen

    - Solid build quality, headers are firmly soldered- has space for soldering female headers for expansion- works out of the box with the provided sample code- just plug onto an arduino uno and play. no soldering or fussing with wires.
    If you don't have an Arduino Mega, you cannot attach it directly to the standard header. I wouldn't say it is a con, since this product was designed with the Uno in mind, and the Mega has different connections.
    If have to cut curners, look elsewhere (e.g. SKU 203517). But if you value convenience, this module is a must!
  • Added the most missing part to my phone.

    posted by andreny15

    - very easy to install, just tap it between the battery and the back-plate of your s3- works perfect with sku 238318- the price is the best- time to refill battery is about 4-5 hours
    works like a charm with SKU 238318.tooks 4-5 hours to load it to 100%, nearly the same my usb charger needs.
    By now it is a must have for my new smartphones to support wireless charging. if this is not supported by factory i will always by the enhancement at dx.
  • Excellent QI charger module

    posted by proforko

    Small dimensions of PCB.Coil should be the same size everywhere since its size is tuned for operating frequency.Has two LEDs, orange lights all the timeBlue lights when the phone is nearby and charging can begin.From my tests, the phone is recognized and starts charging when it is placed 9mm from the top of the coil (see my pics).Current consumption compared to distance:phone on the top of the coil: 0,8Aphone 9mm from the top of the coil: 1Aphone 11mm from the top of the coil: 1,2Aphone 13mm from the top of the coil: 1,35A
    When i was thinking about QI charger, i wanted to buy more of several ones, which i did, but this i considered to be installed in my car behind dash (of course some mods will be neccessary).This module is excellent.It gets a bit hot while charging at longer distances since the module must use more current.
    I was using Samsung Galaxy S4 with wireless cover, sô this was my "reference" :)It also has solder pads near the micro USB port to solder wires.I will buy more.
  • Nice for DIY projects

    posted by bazoocaze

    -Easy to interface with Arduino / allready have a library to use with Arduino.-Good range: about 10 meters inside walls.-Lot's of code examples.-Connection interface: SPI
    It's nice to use this in your DIY project. You can easily put your Arduino modules to communicate wireless.

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