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  • I have things to say ;-)

    posted by Sami72

    Nothing raise your safety level than good visability 360° And wheel light/s are fun too! With this you have four different chainging messages you can edit. And commuting around city area the reminder: "Cars have signal lights!" is the best.
    I would have used this in the back wheel, but the hubs demanded installation on front in my 29er.But during the spring, summer and fall I get to use this on my fixie there the back hub is smaller.Visability and messages are great way to be seen. Even thought the messages are shown one side, the blue glow is seen on another side. Well you only have a wheel diameter size messages, but that is the point!
    Using the program is easy, edit, load you messages into a USB remote (uses 2 AAA batteries) point into apparatus on wheel at close range and you are good to go. Even me a 40 year old bloke got the hang of it.
  • Very recommended wireless Bulb!!

    posted by sky1sky10

    Very Cheap, easy to use, the bulb is a good looking and working perfect!!Just plug it and immediately start to use it.Its stable and 220 volt !!suitable for bedrooms.
    see pros&cons.I Think they must rebulid the remote control.
    Very recommended, I will buy another one.But The remote control is very very cheap constructed.I Think they must rebulid the remote control.
  • Nice barcode scanner !

    posted by DaMintGum

    It works well and is incredibly cheap ! Not the fastest scanner I've used, but fast enough for a lot of tasks (including mines, so no complain :D ).The manual is in a comprehensible "English".There is a LOT of options !The battery holds a few day with light usage (about 100 scans per day).Distance from the dongle varies, but in my experience, was at least 5m. If the dongle is not in range or not connected, the scanner emit a sound indicating the code could not be transferred.It fell once on the ground from 1m without a scratch...
    I haven't tried all the options available and only scanned EAN-13 codes, using the dongle as a keyboard (US keyboard only ?). But other options are available, such as RS232. You can also choose the confirmation key (return, tab, ...).
    For this price, you can't go wrong, even if it doesn't seem like a real Bluetooth device. If you need a barcode scanner for a light use, go for it ! And having wireless is really neat !
  • Excellent product!

    posted by skeptikaltruth

    This is an excellent doorbell. I got this because I am Deaf and my doorbell is extremely low.
    It lights up in 3 different colors which is cool.
    It's loud! I'm Deaf and even I can hear this one very well.
    I love the 32 song choices to choose from. One of them is even a ding dong then it says Asaalam Alaikum. I'm impressed that this seems to be marketed towards a lot of different people.
    Most of the songs are like a nursery rhyme theme. They play nice, loud and a good 10-15 seconds. It lights up nicely though the light turns off before the sound turns off. Not that big of a deal.
    I tested it from both ends of the house and the signal reaches it no problem. There's no blockages.
    The doorbell part doesn't need to be installed. You can bring it with you anywhere. I would suggest putting velcro on the back of it and putting it on the wall. If you're Deaf or hard of hearing, put one strip of velcro in living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and just move it around when you're expecting company.
    It came with the battery for the button. Not a hard to find battery at all but it won't always be easy to find in CVS or other pharmacy stores, it's a battery you would find more in a watch or jewelry store. I'm glad it came with this battery.
    The doorbell part takes triple AAA batteries. This battery is easy to find anywhere and very cheap (get 16 AAA for a dollar) so it's really not a big deal that it didn't come with the AAA batteries.
    Excellent product. I'll be getting a few more of these for me and my Deaf friends.
  • For rider safety

    posted by Aguilaogt

    Facil de usar. Bajo consumo. muy funcional que hace a la seguridad del motociclista.(Easy to use. Low power consumption. makes very functional rider safety.)
    muy bueno. lo recomiendo(really good. recommend)
    OGT, Aguilas Argentinas, ARGENTINA


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